Delicatessen in Baguio City

If you find that you’re often drinking to de-stress these days, you might want to consider getting yourself some quality wine and setting up a charcuterie board to treat yourself.

Those from Baguio City are in luck. Sawyer’s Delicatessen opened on Upper General Luna Road earlier this year to be your one-stop shop for wine, cheeses, and deli items for the fancy wine nights you deserve.

Gourmet wine pairings such as cold cuts and sausages

Sawyer's Delicatessen - Chardonnay
Chardonnay with the deli’s grazing box
Image credit: Sawyer’s Delicatessen

Of course, Sawyer’s Delicatessen sells the essential item for wine nights – wine. Some of the wines they have in store are the Chianti Classico Reserva Dogg 2014 – a rich, aromatic red with cherry, plum, and iris notesand the Chardonnay Dop Fruiti 2017 – a crisp, fruity, and refreshing white.

You can pair your choice of wine with the shop’s various cold cut and sausage selections such as beef salami, beef pastrami, smoked cooked ham, and frankfurters. They also have cheeses from the earthy Cheddar to creamy Gouda to salty-sweet Gruyère.

To complete your grazing board, you can add dried fruits and nuts, imported crackers, sweet jams, and savory spreads which the deli also sells.

Steaks you can cook at home

Sawyer's Delicatessen - Snake River Farms steak
The shop offers steaks from the US company Snake River Farms

Image credit: Snake River Farms

For an upscale dinner, Sawyer’s Delicatessen has steaks from Snake River Farms – a US company that prides itself on its steaks’ exquisite marbling and deep, meaty flavor. In particular, the deli has Black Grade striploin and tenderloin Wagyu and Gold Grade tenderloin Wagyu which works best with medium-bodied red wine.

On the other hand, delicately flavored wines pair better with lamb. For this, Sawyer’s Delicatessen has lamb rack, riblets, and leg which you can cook at home using the spices which the shop also offers.

Imported goods

Sawyer's Delicatessen - Swiss Chocolate
The deli also sells other imported food items such as Swiss chocolates

Image credit: Sawyer’s Delicatessen

Besides wine pairings, the deli also has foreign brand oils, spices, and condiments for home chefs with refined tastes. These products include truffle oil, cooking wine, and béarnaise – a French sauce made of butter, egg yolks, wine vinegar, and herbs.

You can also fill your pantry with snack items from Sawyer’s Delicatessen. They sell imported snacks, such as Belgian and Swiss chocolates and Italian sparkling drinks, as well as local ice cream from Manila Creamery.

Grazing boxes for same-day delivery

Sawyer's Delicatessen - Personal Grazing Boxes
Personal grazing boxes from Sawyer’s Delicatessen
Image credit: Sawyer’s Delicatessen

If you’re too busy to visit their shop and prepare your own grazing board, Sawyer’s Delicatessen also delivers personal grazing boxes for P289 (~USD5.69). Each contains high-quality cheeses, meats, crackers, fresh fruits, nuts, and sweets, and is good for 1 to 2 people.

Their grazing boxes are available for same-day delivery around Baguio City as long as you place your order before 10AM.

Get your wine night needs at Sawyer’s Delicatessen

If you’re inviting friends over or simply want to curate your own charcuterie board, you can drop by Sawyer’s Delicatessen’s physical store at Goshen Land Towers, Upper General Luna Road for all of your wine night needs.

For personal grazing box deliveries, you can message the shop on Facebook or send them a text.

Address: LG-04 Goshen Land Towers, Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City
Opening hours: 10AM-6PM, Daily
Telephone: 0998 274 1546
Sawyer’s Delicatessen’s Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: Galan Pierre Rio Fianza and Sawyer’s Delicatessen


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