Rain spoils outdoor wedding

People usually spend a lot of money, time, and effort to prepare for their wedding. Like most couples, Guerlain Felice Arada-Crauz and Carl Crauz also made sure that their nuptials would be perfect. However, the skies had other plans for the two.

On their wedding on 17 July, despite it being a hot day, it began to pour just as they were in the middle of their outdoor wedding ceremony. They were at Colosboa Hills in Nueva Ecija with nothing to shield them. Luckily for the couple, their guests stayed for them despite the rain and cheered on them to go on with the ceremony.

Praying for the perfect wedding

Outdoor Wedding - Colosboa Hills Nueva Ecija
The outdoor wedding was held at Colosboa Hills in Nueva Ecija
Image credit: Carl Tumlad Crauz

The bride Guerlain, who was also her own wedding organizer, planned for the wedding for a long time, said her now-husband Carl through in a Facebook post. A religious pair, the two even did prayer walks to ask for a bright and sunny wedding day.

Because of this, Guerlain couldn’t help but feel disappointed when the rain began to pour on her wedding day, the bride shared through the blog The Budgetarian Bride.

Guests stayed through the rain for the couple

Outdoor wedding - guests stay despite the rainGuests stay for the couple despite the rain
Image credit: Dane Works Photograph

To Guerlain’s surprise, however, their guests didn’t move despite the downpour. Instead, they voiced out their support for the couple, shouting, “Tuloy ang kasal. ‘Wag tayong aalis. ‘Wag nating iiwan ang couple.” (The wedding must go on. We won’t leave the place. Let’s not leave the couple.”

The guests’ cheers gave the couple goosebump. Their support enabled Guerlain and Carl to go on with the ceremony under the pouring rain.

The right guests make a memorable wedding

Outdoor wedding - Guerlain and CarlThe couple shares a kiss after being soaked in the rain during their wedding
Image adapted from: Carl Tumlad Crauz

Guerlain and Carl came to a realization after what happened. They may not have had the perfect wedding, but the incident showed them that they chose the right friends to invite to their special day.
Guerlain added that the guests’ gesture only goes to show that their friends will not leave them when they go through hardships in the future.

Guests make couple’s wedding memorable despite the rain

Couples often feel the pressure to make their wedding day go as smoothly as possible. However, things don’t always go as planned.

Guerlain and Carl’s wedding attests that each wedding is perfect in its own way despite the challenges encountered. In their case, what seemed to be a disaster made their wedding even more memorable and meaningful for them.

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Cover image adapted from: Dane Works Photograph and Carl Tumlad Crauz 


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