Rabiya Mateo’s Sarimanok evening gown

We haven’t seen Rabiya Mateo grace the Miss Universe stage with a finals’ evening gown, but thanks to Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One from fashion house Amato, we can at least imagine her walking the stage in what would have been her crowning gown. 

Furne One uploaded photos of Mateo on Instagram wearing an orange, Sarimanok-inspired gown – the gown she would have worn had she been able to land a spot in the Top 10. 

The orange gown is inspired by Sarimanok, a mythical bird from Mindanao

Rabiya Mateo evening gown - Sarimanok-inspired orange gown
Image adapted from: @furneamato, RamonFVelasquez 

Furne One unveiled Mateo’s orange evening gown, which symbolizes the Sarimanok mythical bird from the Marano people of Mindanao and has been said to bring good fortune. “The mythical bird of the Marano people that originated from MINDANAO, an Island south of the Philippines, symbolizes good fortune,” the designer said in an Instagram post

Along with the mythical bird’s symbolism, the gown was colored in orange to express freedom, success, joy, happiness, and creativity.

It’s hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals


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It’s also adorned with various ornaments. Painstakingly created by the fashion designer’s team, the closed-neck halter gown is glowing with many hand-embroidered hyacinth-colored Swarovski crystals along with glass beads and paillettes. 

Furne One called these “thousands of precious components” representations of the spirit of the people of Iloilo. 

The fabric of the gown’s hem is “feather-like”

The fabric of the hem of the gown was assembled to create a feather-like texture, like the masks and headpieces during traditional festivals.

Furne One also said in his Instagram post that the fabrics’ shape celebrates feminism.

Mateo also wore Furne One’s one-shoulder tulle gown during the preliminary competition

Rabiya Mateo evening gown - preliminaries
Image credit: @furneamato 

At the beauty pageant’s preliminary competition held on 15th May, we saw Mateo also wearing a Furne One one-shoulder yellow tulle gown. 

It’s also decorated with Swarovski crystals with glass beads and paillettes. The gown has a cape, which Furne One said “added royalty” on his Instagram post.

Rabiya Mateo’s Sarimanok-inspired evening gown

Our bet didn’t make it to the Miss Universe Top 10, but she nevertheless is oozing with charisma in Furne One’s photos while wearing the orange Sarimanok-inspired evening gown. 

We hope to see more creations like this, inspired by the rich cultures of the Philippines!

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Cover image adapted from: @furneamato, RamonFVelasquez 


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