Mom celebrates 70th birthday with plants and Park Seo Joon

You know what they say – you’re never too old to start a new hobby. From getting with the times by watching boys’ love series to playing cool and local board games, titas and titos have their own ways of staying young despite their age.

For this plantita Filipino mom, Korean dramas are what filled up her days while she was stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. And what comes hand-in-hand with a love for Korean dramas is the admiration for one of Korea’s most popular and well-loved actors, Park Seo-joon. If you love Park Seo-joon and plants just like this mom does, this surprise birthday party might just be your next party’s inspiration.

Plantita– and Park Seo-joon-themed birthday party

Image credit: Mel Galarrita Menes

Whether you’re an avid K-drama fan or not, you’ve probably heard the name Park Seo-joon, or PSJ for short. He stars in many hit Korean series such as Fight For My Way, Itaewon Class, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, along with blockbuster movies such as Parasite.

People all over the world have fallen in love with PSJ for his great acting and good looks, be it your friends, girlfriends, or even your mother. Plantita mom Aurelia “Batch” Galarrita is no exception to the PSJ charm – which is why on her 70th birthday, her kids surprised her with a plantita and Park Seo-joon-themed birthday party that’ll make you wish you were there.

Birthday party via Zoom

Image credit: Mel Galarrita Menes

Mama Batch’s birthday party was filled with everything that kept her entertained and busy over the quarantine – plants and Park Seo-joon merchandise. Her kids managed to flawlessly combine her two quarantine hobbies – planting and watching K-dramas – filling up the party venue with plant pots painted with Park Seo-joon’s face, Park Seo-joon-inspired cookies and cupcakes, and life-sized Park Seo-joon standees.

Image credit: Mel Galarrita Menes

Along with the aptly decorated space, friends and family celebrated her birthday with her via Zoom. This is to keep in line with the quarantine protocol that disallows mass gatherings. Although the guests were only there virtually, they used PSJ-related Zoom backgrounds to keep with the theme.

70 years old but young at heart

Image credit: Mel Galarrita Menes

Mama Batch doesn’t just stay bagets by watching K-dramas and holding cool birthday parties. She also has a PSJ-themed bedroom that can rival any teenage fangirl’s. The standees from her birthday party have now found permanent residence in her bedroom. Her walls are also decorated with PSJ posters and photos, while her bed has PSJ-themed pillowcases.

Daughter Mel Galarrita Menes also shared that her mother has been learning Korean in the hope that she can meet Park Seo-joon someday and hold a conversation with him. Hwaiting! We’re rooting for you!

Celebrations in the time of COVID-19

It’s easy to feel down and gloomy when special events start nearing, with everyone being advised to stay home. After all, we’re accustomed to spending our birthdays and successes with those whom we love.

However, it’s crucial that we stay in and stay safe for the time being until the country becomes COVID-free. For now, we can find creative ways to celebrate special days with our loved ones. Maybe you can take a page from Mama Batch plantita and Park Seo-joon-themed birthday party on Zoom.

Cover image adapted from: Mel Galarrita Menes, Mel Galarrita Menes 

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