Philippine Airlines’ online cafe now sells arroz caldo kit

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises again, we sadly have to cancel or limit our travels once more. And if you’re a frequent flyer of Philippine Airlines (PAL), chances are you’ve been missing their inflight dishes such as the famous arroz caldo usually served at Mabuhay Lounges. 

But thankfully, we can now enjoy the warmth of their arroz caldo in the comfort of our homes. As the airline weathers the pandemic, it’s launching the FLY PAL Cafe, an online cafe where you can order PAL’s famous inflight dishes – beginning with the arroz caldo kit and have them delivered straight to your home.

The kit comes with reusable dinnerware

Philippine Airlines online cafe - arroz caldo
Image credit: @flypalcafe

Their arroz caldo is now available as part of the PAL Arroz Caldo Kit (P690, ~USD14) that comes with two limited-edition reusable wooden bowls and two wooden spoons, so you can enjoy the dish Filipino style. The porridge, good for 2-3 persons, is sprinkled with toppings such as salted egg, garlic, and calamansi.

Philippine Airlines online cafe - arroz caldo kit
Image credit: @flypalcafe

To order, message PAL on Instagram

To order, just message the online cafe’s Instagram. They will message you in reply to confirm your order and provide you with the payment and delivery details. 

Philippine Airlines’ online cafe

PAL fans can help the airline stay afloat during the pandemic and relive the airport dining experience through this newly launched online cafe. 

While we can’t book a flight for the mean time to experience the skies again, we’re hoping for more delicious and unique offerings soon.

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Cover image adapted from: @flypalcafe, @flypalcafe


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