Quarantine violators in Pampanga planted vegetables as punishment

Lately, we’ve been hearing news about interesting punishments enforced by a few local government units to quarantine violators, such as ordering them to sit under the sun. But there’s one city in the province of Pampanga who treat violators differently by ordering them to plant veggies as a form of community service instead. 

Pampanga quarantine violators ordered to plant vegetablesImage credit: CSFP City Information Office 

First-time quarantine violators in San Fernando, Pampanga were seen on 18th April doing productive acts of planting kalabasa and okra in the city nursery as part of their punishment for not following curfew hours, not wearing face masks, or not bringing their quarantine passes with them.

Quarantine violators in Pampanga planting seedsImage credit: CSFP City Information Office 

San Fernando’s gardening program

They were required to plant veggies as part of the city government’s “Rektang Gardening ng San Fernando PNP” program advocating that Fernandinos start gardening as an alternative way of producing food during the pandemic. 

The first-time violators were thereafter allowed to go back to their homes with a warning that they will get arrested if they violate quarantine rules once again. 

Locals supported the veggie-planting initiative

Locals commented on the Facebook post of the CSFP City Information Office showing the planting violators, agreeing that ordering them to plant veggies was a good idea because the violators were also given the opportunity to learn what goes on in a farm. 

Locals supporting the punishment
Image credit: CFSP City Information Office

Gardening during uncertain times

Indeed, planting is a good idea in the time of COVID-19 as it offers a good alternative to food production – and gives quarantine rule violators a chance to contribute to society.

Props to the authorities of San Fernando, Pampanga, for ordering violators to do productive, creative punishments such as planting instead of purely punitive acts. 

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Cover image adapted from: CSFP City Information Office

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