Non-medical frontliners’ contribute to public health efforts

The fight against COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges for our healthcare system in recent times. Our medical frontliners are key to this fight, but are thankfully not going it alone. 

Non-medical frontliners are also out there performing their duties as usual despite the risks they face, keeping our infrastructure and economy running as best they can. Here’s how 3 groups of frontliners are making headlines in the fight against the virus. 

1. Food delivery workers practicing social distancing while bringing our orders to us

Grab Food delivery men social distancing
Image adapted from: Iya Molina 

Our food delivery workers, as captured by netizen Iya Molina, are still out there working just so we can put food in our hungry stomachs. In her Facebook post, she urges everyone to extend a bit more patience when their orders are taking too long to be delivered. After all,  like us, delivery men are not immune from the virus – they need to practice social distancing while picking food up from restaurants too. 

“If you are wondering why your order is taking so long, please be patient. Sila din (They too are) subject ng (of) social distancing. I hope you can show your gratitude by giving them a tip or ordering them some food,” she wrote.

2. Journalists continuing to bring us the news

GMA News journalists
Image adapted from Chino Gaston

Like our medical heroes, journalists too are reporting to their duties round-the-clock these days when we need information more than ever. 

This is what Chino Gaston, a GMA News journalist, wants us to realize in his heartfelt essay posted on GMA News Online. 

He commented that “journalism never stops for famine, fear, war, plague, and most likely, not even for the end of the world.” He mused that even in an apocalypse, “there will most likely be a journalist writing down notes or shooting video when the Four Horsemen thunder across the skies.”

3. Dancing soldiers in Biliran 

Video credit: Biliran Island 

It can be mentally exhausting to always be following the news whenever we’re not working these days, so we owe it to ourselves to take a break once in a while.

Perhaps this is what we can learn from our soldiers in Biliran who alloted themselves some time in between their duties at a road checkpoint to dance all their stress away

Non-medical frontliners contributing to the nation during COVID-19

No one knows when exactly this COVID-19 crisis will end. But the solidarity of medical and non-medical frontliners alike is bigger than any pandemic – and this should be able to keep our eyes on the end of the tunnel. 

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Cover image adapted from: Biliran Island, Iya Molina


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