Couple’s prenup shoot with the Mayon Volcano

Standing guard over the province of Albay in Bicol, the Mayon Volcano is remarkable for its symmetrical cone shape.

It’s no wonder it’s where many couples shoot their pre-nuptial or wedding photos, including couple Roselyn Lomerio and Joem Belarma who were photographed with the Mayon Volcano in their prenup shoot on 11th October 2020. 

The photoshoot at Mayon Volcano, surrounded by smoky clouds and grassland

Prenup shoot Mayon Volcano - Roselyn Lomerio and Joem BelarmaImage credit: Rooftop Studios

Taken at a spot in Quituinan Hills, Tinago, Camalig, Albay, the prenup photos show the couple on a serene grassy landscape with the Mayon Volcano towering behind them. 

Prenup shoot Mayon Volcano - Roselyn Lomerio and Joem BelarmaImage credit: Rooftop Studios

In one of the photos, the blurred figures of the couple can be seen with the smoky clouds across the volcano’s cone. It’s as if Pangaronon is watching over Magayon, as what locals believe. Pangaronon and Magayon, according to Philippine legends, are lovers buried on the grounds where the Mayon Volcano now stands. 

Prenup shoot Mayon Volcano - Wedding of Myka and Adwil
Image credit: Proud To Be Albayano

The glorious sight of the Mayon Volcano that can be seen on Quituinan Hill has actually been attracting couples for a while now. Couple Myka Lagante and Adwil Lagante also had a photoshoot at Mayon Volcano, on the same spot for their wedding held back in December 2018.

Roselyn and Joem also posed for a campfire shot

Prenup shoot Mayon Volcano - Roselyn Lomerio and Joem BelarmaImage credit: Rooftop Studios

During the night, Quituinan Hills is also an ideal location when doing photoshoots. Aside from posing with the Mayon Volcano during the day, the couple was also photographed sitting by a campfire at night while inside a tent. This time, a starry sky was right behind them.

Mayon Volcano is currently placed at Alert Level 1

For couples considering having their photoshoots near the Mayon Volcano or for tourists looking forward to visiting it soon, you might have to postpone your plans for the time being. The PHIVOLCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) has just placed the volcano at Alert Level 1 due to Typhoon Quinta. 

While no eruption of lava is predicted, the public is advised from getting into the volcano’s 6-kilometer radius. It’s called the Permanent Danger Zone due to possible rockfalls, landslides, ash puffs, and steam-driven eruptions from the summit. 

Pre-nuptial photoshoot at Mayon Volcano

Filipino couples indeed have a lot of locations to choose from for their photoshoots as our country is blessed with natural beauties such as the Mayon Volcano.

Just keep in mind to check the local advisories before planning a visit, especially to picturesque volcanoes such as Mayon, one of the most active in the country. 

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Cover image adapted from: Rooftop Studios

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