Manila zoo reconstruction begins

We all have fond memories visiting Manila Zoo as a child. But as time passed by, we also saw this historic zoo become in need of some serious TLC, until its closure in January 2019 following environmental offences ultimately spelled uncertainty for its future.

Luckily for environmentalists and endangered animals in our country needing its care, the Manila Zoo is now undergoing reconstruction. This was announced as it celebrated its 61st birthday last July 25, and will be overseen by the City Government of Manila.

Manila Zoo reconstruction - Groundbreaking Ceremony
Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso leading the groundbreaking ceremony of Manila Zoo’s redevelopment
Image credit: Followers of VM Honey Lacuna – Pangan 

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso is keen on the zoo’s  P1.73-billion reconstruction, believing that the zoo will soon rival the best zoos in Asia such as the Singapore Zoo. “You are going to witness this, we are going to build in the near future the best zoo in Asia,” he said during the groundbreaking ceremony at the zoo on July 25. 

Manila Zoo will include new facilities such as gardens and a restaurant

Manila Zoo reconstruction - botanic gardens
Image credit: CNN Philippines

Manila Zoo’s redevelopment, which will cover 51,000 square meters, will include exciting, new facilities such as a veterinary hospital, new animal habitats, gardens, a museum, a restaurant, and a new parking area.

Manila Zoo reconstruction - restaurant
Image credit: CNN Philippines

A coffee shop is also in the works, so visitors can have a more comfortable place to relax and sip some drinks in between animal-spotting.

Manil a Zoo reconstruction - shops
Image credit: CNN Philippines

Mali’s enclosure will house more animals

Manila Zoo reconstruction - Mali elephant
Image credit: Manila Public Information Office

Meanwhile, Mali’s enclosure, currently the home of the zoo’s most famous resident elephant, will be expanded to house more animals, including hippopotamuses. This is according to Alipio Morabe Jr., Director of Manila’s Public Recreation Bureau. We can also expect a cleaner lagoon and animals such as hyenas and baboons roaming around their habitats in the future zoo. 

Manila Zoo reconstruction
Image credit: CNN Philippines

The redevelopment is expected to be completed in 19 months.

Renovations ongoing at Manila Zoo

As Manila Zoo has been around for a long time, it’s high time for it to get new and improved facilities. We hope that the City Government of Manila will be successful in implementing its ambitious plans for this historic home of the animals we have grown familiar with. 

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Cover image adapted from: CNN Philippines, CNN Philippines

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