Artisans’ market in Baguio City

Being one of the UNESCO Creative Cities, Baguio always has something new and unique to offer tourists. But those who are planning to visit Baguio in the next few weeks, in particular, are up for a treat.

The Mandëko Kito artisans’ market opened on 19th November at Berkeley International School as part of the Ibagiw Creative Festival 2021. Here, you can shop local products and enjoy artistic performances from Fridays to Mondays until 13th December.

What to expect at the fair

Mandeko Kito - handmade accessories
A stall selling handmade accessories
Image credit: Baguio Creative City

Mandëko Kito is the best place to go when you’re looking to get local products and support small businesses for Christmas gifts and decor.

They have shops that sell handmade accessories, hand-painted tote bags, and bamboo tumblers that’ll make you look like a cool monito or monita (secret Santa). Kids and kids at heart will also love to receive the crocheted stuffed animals on sale – from bees to axolotls to fictional unicorns.

Mandeko Kito - crocheted stuffed animals
Crocheted stuffed toys from Knitting Expedition
Image credit: @knittingexpedition

There is even plenty of home decor you can buy at the fair. They have miniature houses that make a great addition to your Christmas village set-up. For year-round decorations, you can also get wood and woven palm ornaments and inabel (woven) items with patterns from the different provinces in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Mandeko Kito - Mambabatok
A mambabatok doing a traditional tattoo on a client
Image credit: Baguio Creative City

As for entertainment, there are also buskers and live demos of inabel weaving. You might also want to get a traditional tattoo from a mambabatok (traditional tattooist) at the venue.

Ibagiw Creative Festival

Art in the Park - Ibagiw Festival
The Art in the Park outdoor exhibit was held at Wright Park from 19 to 21 November
Image credit: Baguio Creative City

This arts and crafts fair is only one part of the Ibagiw Creative Festival that aims to showcase the arts and culture that made Baguio City a part of the UNESCO Creative City Network. Various other events such as art exhibits, cultural shows, and competitions were also held from 14th October, and are going on until 14th December.

Mandëko Kito – which means “let’s sell” in Ibaloy – was first launched by the University of the Philippines Baguio in June 2020 to support local artists, small businesses, and farmers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visit the Mandëko Kito arts & crafts fair in Baguio City

If you happen to be in Baguio, make sure to visit the Mandëko Kito arts and crafts fair. Not only will you get one-of-a-kind, artistic Christmas presents, but you’ll also encourage local artists and businesses to continue pursuing their craft.

Non-Baguio residents still have plenty of time to go to Baguio and participate in Ibagiw Creative Festival’s events too, as fully vaccinated adults are no longer required to take an RT-PCR test. For the full guidelines, check the Baguio City Public Information Office’s Facebook page.

Address: Berkeley International School, CM Recto Street, Barangay Saint Joseph Village, Baguio City
Opening hours: Fri–Mon 10AM-6PM | Closed Tues–Thurs
Baguio Creative City’s Facebook | Instagram
Mandëko Kito’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Baguio Creative City and Baguio Creative City


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