Man saves money by filling drum with P20 bills

Saving money is a struggle for many of us, given that the temptation to spend is everywhere. But Gerdan Tolero, a 22-year-old man from Tondo, Manila, is proving that saving up a huge amount of cash is possible through everyday discipline. 

From selling gulaman and fish, Tolero was able to fill up a drum with P20 bills he had earned daily from January to April 2021, in a bid to rebuild his home which had been burnt down.

A fire ravaged their family house

man fills drum P20 bills - gerdan tolero Image adapted from: Gemma Columna Tolero and Gemma Columna Tolero 

Because of a fire that destroyed their house in Happy Land in Tondo, Manila, last April, Tolero has been working hard to support his family, which comprises his mother and stepfather. In an interview with GMA News, Tolero shared that they had really struggled because they were left with nothing after the fire.

man fills drum P20 bills - gerdan tolero Image credit: Gemma Columna Tolero

In the interview, he said, “Ang hirap po talaga sir, kasi talagang wala sir. Zero,” which can be translated as, “It was really hard sir, because we were left with nothing. Zero.”

He saved coins and bills in drums

man fills drum P20 bills - gerdan tolero
Image credit: Gemma Columna Tolero

Since the fire, Tolero has been saving money by putting his earnings from his modest businesses in drums. He first started this method of saving by stuffing coins in two drums. In filling up his third drum, he leveled up by putting 30 pieces of P20 bills in it every day. He chose to collect P20 bills because, according to the same interview with GMA, it’s the smallest Philippine bill.

man fills drum P20 bills -gerdan tolero's cat
Image credit: Gemma Columna Tolero 

Tolero doesn’t want to disclose the total amount of P20 bills he has managed to set aside, but it’s enough to buy a second hand car, as confirmed in Manila Bulletin.

He hopes to open a computer shop

man fills drum P20 bills - pisonet shop
Image credit: Pisonet Supplier

He doesn’t know how to start yet, but he is looking forward to opening a Pisonet computer shop for the kids living in his neighborhood. 

“Ngayon ang gusto ko sana magnegosyo ng Pisonet, kasi marami din dito mga bata naghahanap ng internet. Hindi ko pa lang alam talaga paano simulan,” he said in the same interview with Manila Bulletin. This can be translated into, “Today what I want is to start a Pisonet [shop], because there are many kids who are looking for an Internet shop.”

If he can be disciplined enough to save a fixed amount every day, we’re sure that many possibilities can open up for this hardworking man.

Gulaman and fish seller saves money with P20 bills

It’s not easy to resist the temptation of spending money on wants, but a simple man like Tolero sets a great example of how we should save our money to fuel a bigger dream.

His habit of saving 30 P20 bills daily also shows us that any amount of money, no matter how big or small, can add up to something big.

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Cover image adapted from: Gerdan Columna Tolero, Gemma Columna Tolero 


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