Liz Uy dresses baby Matias in Asian food costumes

Stylist and fashion editor Liz Uy has styled many popular Filipino celebrities, so it’s no wonder that her own children are dressed only in the best outfits.

Her youngest son, Matias, for instance, has not only been giving us cuteness overload on social media lately, but also his mom’s cute outfit ideas as she photographed him in a sushi costume.

Baby Matias as a salmon sushi & dumpling

Liz Uy Baby Matias - sushi and dumpling costumeBaby Matias as a salmon sushi and dumpling
Image credit: @lizzzuy, @lizzzuy 

In an Instagram post dated 27th April, Uy posted a photo of her son dressed in a salmon sushi costume. The celebrity stylist, who loves sushi, captioned the photo: “Happy 2 months to my sushi boi 🍣” 

But this was not the first time Matias graced Uy’s Instagram feed in a cute costume. To mark his first month after his birthday, baby Matias was photographed wrapped in white fabric with “frills” arranged to look like a dumpling.

Liz Uy Baby Matias - sushi and dumpling costume - Dumpling Instagram post comment
Image credit: @lizzzuy 

After Uy posted the photos, her celebrity friends couldn’t help but comment on them. On the post where Matias was dressed as a dumpling, model Georgina Wilson jokingly commented that she needed some dipping sauce to be included in the photo. “Hahaha I love it[.] I need a dipping sauce in [the] pic too,” she wrote.

Matias is Uy’s youngest son

Liz Uy Baby Matias - sushi and dumpling costume - Liz Uy and her familyNewborn baby Matias (left) and Uy with her businessman husband, Raymond Racaza, and Matias and Xavi (right).
Image credit: @lizzzuy, @lizzzuy 

Matias is the second and youngest son of the stylist. The cute baby was introduced to social media on 3rd March, although Uy didn’t indicate the exact date that he was born. 

The couple’s first child is Xavi, and he was born on September 2017. 

Stylish baby costumes

Women have been looking to Uy for style inspiration, since her fashion sense is undisputed. Now, they can also take cues from her on how to dress babies in the cutest outfits possible for their Instagram feed.

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