Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio

While many of us are fans of minimalist accommodation, sometimes a little bit of extravagance is what we need. So when you fancy being extra once in a while, check out the Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio nestled in the heart of the holiday town’s mountainous hills. 

Located at Military Cut-off Road, it’s adorned with everything that screams opulent. This 55-room, European-inspired boutique hotel complete with facilities from banquet halls to restaurants will make you feel as if you’re living back in the Victorian era.

Be awed by its grand reception area

Lafaayette Luxury Baguio
Image credit: Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio

Just by stepping into its reception area, you’ll be immediately welcomed by an airy vibe of luxury. Intricate gold linings decorate its walls, complemented by grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Lafaayette Luxury Baguio
Image adapted from: Aki Caparas 

When you look up, your eyes will be spoiled by layers of terraces, as if you’re inside France’s Palais Garnier!

Rooms feature patterned wallpapers and decorative furniture

Lafaayette Luxury BaguioKing Deluxe
Image credit: Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio 

Lafaayette will not spare you from feeling like a queen or king inside their rooms befitting a royal. The King’s Deluxe (starts at P5,673, ~USD118.08 for 2), for instance, has patterned wallpaper and is accentuated by decorative furniture. 

Its bed will easily put you to sleep, topped with an oversized memory foam mattress. And when you need to continue binge-watching a Netflix show, the room’s 55-inch SMART TV will delight you with unlimited entertainment.

Lafaayette Luxury BaguioGrand Double Queen
Image credit: Lafayette Luxury Suites Baguio 

If you’re with a group of friends, you may want to consider the Grand Double Queen room (from P6,405, ~USD133.23 for 2), which, like the King Deluxe, will tickle your senses with all things lavish, while boasting two double beds. 

Everything about the hotel is all about being grand, but staying here for a day or two won’t actually hurt your wallet!

Take brunch at a pastel-colored cafe

Lafaayette Luxury Baguio
Image adapted from: Lafaayette Luxury Suites, Lafayette Luxury Suites Baguio 

Breakfast or lunch won’t be a hassle to get to as well, as there are cafes and restaurants inside the hotel. 

The Opulence Cafe & Patisserie is a pastel-colored haven serving all kinds of goodness such as desserts from cakes to pastries and beverages from coffee to tea to frappes to smoothies. 

And while it looks straight out of the film Marie Antoinette, the cafe’s prices aren’t the most expensive – you can expect to sip a cup of Cafe Mocha at only P145 (~USD3.02). It’s open from 10AM to 9PM.

Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio is a brand-new hotel

When minimalism gets boring, you can always opt for something a little bit extra from time to time. 

The Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio, a European-inspired hotel, will indeed serve your dreams of basking in all things luxurious.

Lafaayette Luxury Suites Baguio
Address: #1 Military Cut-off Road 2600, Baguio City
Mobile: 0945 456 5743

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Cover image adapted from: Lafaayette Luxury Suites, Aki Caparas 


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