Heroic dog Kabang dies

Many of us have been familiar with the story of Kabang, the dog who lost her snout after saving two girls from a road accident in Zamboanga del Sur way back in December 2011. 

Almost ten years on, the heroic dog has passed away in her sleep on the eve of 17th May. Dr. Anton Lim, the veterinarian taking care of her since her owner’s death in 2015, confirmed the news.

The veterinarian found her suddenly lying motionless

Heroic dog Kabang dies
Image credit: Anton Mari H. Lim

On his Facebook post, Lim announced that he had found Kabang motionless while on her bed on Monday night, even though he had seen her “very alive” when he was feeding her at around 3PM of the same day. Kabang died at the age of 13, which is the equivalent of 91 years for humans.

Heroic dog Kabang dies
Image credit: Anton Mari H. Lim 

“It is with profound sadness that I announce the demise of our hero dog +KABANG (February 2008-May 17, 2021.) I found her lying motionless near her bed tonight. I last saw her very alive at 3pm when I fed her and changed her water. When I went to her enclosed play area to feed her at 7pm, she was dead, probably for 1-2 hours already,” the veterinarian said.

Her death left a “deep void”

Heroic dog Kabang dies
Image credit: UC Davis 

Even though he had been preparing for Kabang’s death, Lim said he was still left in shock because the dog had died suddenly. 

“No matter how I prepared myself mentally, the suddenness of how you died, left a deep void in my heart. You did not even give us the chance of nursing and taking care of you in your old age and watch you drift away,” he said in another Facebook post.

Kabang jumped over two girls to save them from a speeding motorcycle back in 2011

Video credit: GMA News

Many remember that Kabang went viral way back in December 2011, when she jumped over two girls – the daughter of her owner Rudy Bunggal and the daughter’s cousin – who were about to be hit by a speeding motorcycle at Nuñez Extension in Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur. Kabang lost her snout due to her injury upon the motorcycle’s impact. 

Video credit: UC Davis, California

Because of her heroic deed, Kabang gained popularity across the country back then. Zamboanga Veterinary Office’s offered euthanasia or mercy killing for the dog, but Bunggal did not agree. Veterinarians, such as Dr. Lim, took the initiative to arrange for the dog’s medical care and snout surgery in the US. 

She will be missed

Heroic dog Kabang diesImage credit: Anton Mari H. Lim

The dog was a loving dog throughout the years Lim was able to take care of her, Lim said, and for that, she will be greatly missed. 

“I will miss you jumping over the gate to greet me every time I get home, staying beside me when I work in the garden or acting like a supervisor when [I mow] the lawn. You were just there. Tonight, I missed washing your bowl and feeding you. Thank you for the 8 wonderful lesson-filled years in loving life and loving unconditionally.”

Funeral details are yet to be announced

Kabang’s funeral arrangements are being taken care of, as of writing. Lim said that he will arrange for a press conference once the details are finalized. 

Let me have at least today to take care of Kabang’s arrangement. Will let you know after TEAM KABANG can arrange a perfect time for a press con.  For now sorry po,” he said on Facebook

Kabang the heroic dog dies

We salute Kabang for showing us how our furry friends are indeed capable of kindness beyond what we could ask for, and how we can pay them back by giving them a good life in return.

May Kabang’s soul rest well in heaven, and here’s to taking more care of savior dogs like her. 

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Cover image adapted from: Anton Mari H. Lim, Anton Mari H. Lim


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