Baguio’s Good Shepherd can now deliver in Metro Manila

It’s sad that even if restrictions are being slowly lifted as we enter the new normal, it’s still going to be hard to go to Baguio as tourists. But if you’re missing the mountainous scenery of Baguio and craving for its popular pasalubongs such as the OG Good Shepherd Ube Jam, we have good news for you. 

You can now have your spoons of delicious ube jam without going to Baguio as Good Shepherd now delivers within Metro Manila. Mountain Maid Training Center, after setting up a new office in Quezon City, has just launched the Good Shepherd Baguio Online Shop to help us get this dessert ingredient even in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ube, Mango, Strawberry Jams, and more Good Shepherd products are available

Good Shepherd Online ShopImage credit: Good Shepherd Online Shop 

Aside from the best-selling Ube Jam (P350, ~USD7.01 for 12oz), there are other jam flavors available on their online shop. 

Good Shepherd Ube Jam
Image credit: @baguio.pasalubongs

If you want to take a break from spoiling your palate with ube, you can try their Mango (P230, ~USD4.61 for 8oz), Strawberry (P295, ~USD5.91 for 8oz), and Blueberry jams (P375, ~USD7.51 for 12oz)

Strawberry Jam
Image credit: @baguio.pasalubongs

For coffee lovers out there who want to support local farmers, they deliver Benguet (P215, ~USD4.31 for 200g) and Ifugao Coffee (P215, ~USD4.31 for  200g) as well. Other products available that should ring familiar for Baguio-goers are the Peanut Brittle (P250, ~USD5.01 for  370g) and Lengua de Gato (P250, ~USD5.01 for  230g). 

Mountain Maid's Benguet Coffee
Image credit: @baguio.pasalubongs

How to order Good Shepherd Jam online

To order, simply fill up this form. Payment should be submitted through their BDO Account registered under Mountain Maid Training – account number details are in the form too. 

Take note that there’s an additional shipping fee, they only accept orders from Metro Manila, and deliveries are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Perhaps fans of the jam can pool together a few orders from neighbors and friends to make each delivery all the more worth it.

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Cover image adapted from: Good Shepherd Baguio Online Shop

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