Genshin Impact proposal goes viral

Some people plan extravagant dates or unique events to make their marriage proposal extra special – and understandably so. For Filipino gamer Jerome Javillonar, the groundbreaking proposal idea was in his and his partner’s favorite online game, Genshin Impact.

He asked Ronica Cabansag, his girlfriend of three years, to marry him through phrases he created out of items in the game. While his girlfriend said yes and even proudly posted about the proposal on Facebook, the proposal received some negative comments on social media, particularly for the use of one anime term.

Girlfriend is impressed by boyfriend’s efforts

Genshin Impact Proposal - Ronica Cabansag
The proposal set-up
Image credit: Ronica Pilar Mejica Cabansag

According to Cabansag, her fiancé is extremely introverted. He doesn’t even celebrate his own birthday, going as far as turning his phone off to avoid birthday greetings. So when he said he had a surprise for her, she was dubious as her boyfriend hadn’t been into romantic gestures.

She was shocked to see lights and balloons when she finally got to her boyfriend’s room. Genshin Impact was open on his laptop. When he let her play the game, she found that her boyfriend had used items in the game to express his feelings. 

Genshin Impact Proposal - Will You Be My Waifu
The last maze where Javillonar popped the question
Image credit: Ronica Pilar Mejica Cabansag

“Roses are Red”, “Violets are blue”, “Forever is real with you”, the first three mazes read. Finally, Javillonar popped the question on the last maze, which said, “Will you be my waifu?”.

Waifu is a term used by anime fans to describe fictional characters one has a crush on, though the definition of the term has been expanding.

Cabansag appreciated how her introverted fiancé planned and executed a proposal that wasn’t flashy nor crowded all by himself. The proposal took Javillonar one month to prepare for, as he had to buy items from the game’s shop for the mazes.

Gamers defend them from bashers

tweet 2
Image credit: @ITTODAKIMASU

The Genshin Impact proposal has gained thousands of likes and shares since its posting, which this made the couple vulnerable to critics.

For instance, a repost by Twitter user @yaemikoscult got both positive and negative quote retweets from other gamers and anime fans.

tweet 1
Image credit: @sleepystarslumi

Some of the negative retweets said the proposal was cringey and that they wouldn’t accept the same proposal if it were to happen to them. However, other gamers also defended it, saying the bashers were just bitter and that they shouldn’t make the couple’s proposal all about themselves.

“We have different love languages,” one of the tweets read.

Gamer couple gets engaged thanks to Genshin Impact

Love it or hate it, this gamer couple’s Genshin Impact proposal is one-of-a-kind. As one tweet said, Javillonar “took something they both loved and made it more special.”

Whatever netizens think, Cabansag’s opinion still matters the most. She loved her surprise proposal and said “yes!”

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Cover image adapted from: Ronica Pilar Mejica Cabansag


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