Gameboys: The Movie local & international screening

The 2020 web series Gameboys is one of the first boys’ love or BL series in the Philippines. Following its success, the production outfit The IdeaFirst Company has made Gameboys: The Movie, continuing the series’ story.

The movie is set to be released on Friday, 30 July, on the Philippine video content streaming website Local screenings will run from 30 July to 8 August while international screenings will start on 31 July and end on 7 August.

Philippines-only screening schedule

Gameboys The Movie - poster 1
One of Gameboys: The Movie’s posters
Image Credit: The IdeaFirst Company

Filipinos will be able to watch Gameboys: The Movie online on 30-31 July, 1 August, and 7-8 August. For the specific time slots, you can visit the website.

A regular ticket retails for P249 (~USD4.95). However, there’s a discounted price of P229 (~USD4.55) per ticket for a single purchase of 50 or more Philippine screening tickets if you purchase via Gameboys: The Movie’s Bulk Order form.

As of writing, there are no VIP tickets with Q&A privileges for the Philippine screening.

International screening schedule and VIP tickets

Gameboys The Movie - poster 2One of Gameboys: The Movie’s posters
Image credit: The IdeaFirst Company

Gameboys: The Movie’s international screening will start on 31 July. On this day, the movie will be streamed at 12AM and 8AM Philippine time. Regular tickets are priced at P399 (~USD7.93) each.

For international screenings, there will be 2 schedules with an option for a VIP ticket which will include a Q&A with the cast. These are on 31 July at 8AM Philippine Time and 7 August at 6PM Philippine Time. Each VIP ticket costs P599 (~USD11.90).

So far, there are only 3 international screening schedules.

From Gameboys web series’ popularity

Gameboys The Movie - movie postersMovie posters inspired by popular foreign movies
Image credit: The IdeaFirst Company

Gameboys: The Movie is a spin-off of the Gameboys YouTube series which tells the story of Cairo (Elijah Canlas), a livestream gamer, and his fan Gavreel (Kokoy De Santos). In the series, they develop a relationship through their computer screens.

The movie picks up from where the series ended, portraying Cairo and Gavreel spending time with each other and dealing with being separated once again as Cairo is set to leave for the province in a few weeks. to host Gameboys: The Movie screening

As one of the first BL series filmed and set in the country – during a global pandemic, on top of that – Gameboys has definitely made an impact on the BL and web series industries in the Philippines. With a plot that gave viewers a rollercoaster of emotions, the series has definitely made an impact on its fans too.

Thankfully, through, Gameboys: The Movie can be enjoyed by both local and international fans alike for lockdown-era enjoyment.

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