Events Filipinos can attend for free this June 2020

Many of us were excited for 2020, with planners filled with events to go to and starting new classes and learning projects. Unfortunately, instead of checking these IRL events off our list, our planners have been gathering dust bunnies because of everything getting pushed back or cancelled during this pandemic.

However, you can still attend online events for free without even having to leave the house – which might just be a plus point for the couch potatoes and money-savers out there. Check out these 10 events that Filipinos can attend this June 2020, from educational to celebratory to artsy.

1. Philippine Independence Day – history lessons and virtual salu-salo

philippine flag
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Philippine Independence Day is coming up, and though some might take the holiday as a break from work, maybe some of you would like to celebrate it with fellow Filipinos.

Arranged by the Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, DC, this event will give you a crash course on the history of Independence Day by University of the Philippines history instructor Alvin Campomanes.

In typical Pinoy fashion, there’s even a virtual salu-salo (feast) and socialization at the end of the program. FYP-DC is currently looking for deals with Filipino restaurants to make the salu-salo even more special, and details are to follow.

Date: Friday, 12th June 2020
Time: 6.30AM-8AM (Philippine time)

2. Run For Philippines Online Challenge 2020 – online run

woman jogging
Image credit: Andrew Tanglao

We’ve all gained a little belly from being stuck at home without access to the gym. But with the General Community Quarantine implemented, you can now leave home as long as you follow COVID-19 protocols. And in case you’d like to get up and get fit again, check out Run For Philippine Online Challenge 2020.

The event aims to celebrate Independence Day by encouraging Filipinos to be active, and to accomplish a distance goal together. This year’s total distance goal is 122,000KM, based on the 122 years of Philippine independence. So if you want to contribute to that and run a kilometer or two, feel free to check this event out.

Date: Friday-Friday, 12th-26th June 2020 

3. #SlayTV: Live tutorials by TRESemmé – managing and styling hair

hair styling in a salon

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Hair product company TRESemmé will be holding a live tutorial session on how to do basic hairstyles, led by salon owner Lourd Ramos and influencer Rei Germar.

You can even suggest what hairstyle techniques you’d like to see on their Facebook page – they’ll be featuring the most suggested ones during the live.

The event will be held on Lazada, so make sure you have the app downloaded so that you can also enjoy the exclusive discounts that come with the broadcast, along with the chance to win a brand new Huawei phone.

Date: Friday, 12th June 2020
Time: 2PM-3PM

4. Learn To Close A Sale Every Time – how to close deals

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A lot of Filipinos have sideline jobs as salespersons, from makeup and skincare products to insurance plans, so this webinar might come in handy for anyone looking to brush up on their sales skills. Learn To Close Easily Every Time is an online class on the tips and tricks of how to spot a prospective buyer, and how to close deals.

The 12-point lecture by Life Amplifiers will definitely come in handy for sales newbies, or even those interested in becoming salespersons.

Date: Friday, 12th June 2020
Time: 7PM-10PM

5. Expressive Arts Workshop – destressing through art

paint brushes with paint
Image credit: Anna Kolosyuk

For those who’ve always wanted to dabble into art but never had the time for it, this might be your sign to start. moment to moment, a group dedicated to providing stress management solutions will be holding an online expressive arts workshop for free.

The session will focus on using art as a way to destress and clear your head, which we all need during these trying times. If you’re worried that you don’t have any of the fancy art materials at home, don’t worry. You can use any art materials you have available, as per their post – be it paints and canvas, or simply a paper and pencil.

Date: Friday, 12th June 2020
Time: 8.30PM-9.30PM

6. Sahog Talks – journey into Philippine culinary stories

spread of Filipino food
Image adapted from Eiliv-Sonas Aceron 

Filipinos are both foodies and storytellers at heart, and this event combines the two into a potentially really fun discussion. The Sahog Talks Series will focus on the culinary history of the Philippines, to be told through stories about the ingredients in popular Filipino dishes.

The first talk will be hosted by Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, who is a perfect fit since she’s both a culinary historian and an author – someone whose knowledge you can trust, and who can weave history into interesting stories.

Date: Saturday, 13th June 2020
Time: 12PM-1PM

7. Stress Management 101 – mind exercises

man sitting on couch
Image credit: Nik Shuliahin 

Many of us have been feeling down and stressed because of everything that’s been going on recently. For those in dire need of some online R&R, try attending Stress Management 101, another workshop by moment to moment.

The event will focus on teaching you how to manage your stress with easy-to-repeat techniques and practices. Hopefully, these exercises can help you get through these tough times, one day at a time.

Date: Saturday, 13th June 2020
Time: 2PM-3PM

8. How To Stay Motivated In Writing – a heart-to-heart talk with Filipino writers

event promoImage credit: Writing Hacks Academy

Since their work can easily be taken home with the help of a laptop, many writers could fortunately continue working during this pandemic – be it full-time or freelance writers. But writing can be hard under tough circumstances, even from the safety of home.

How to Stay Motivated in Writing might help you get you out of a rut, or improve your writing. This live discussion about writing inspirations lets you listen to the wisdom of fellow writers – including experienced content editor Liz Palomar, and founder of Writing Hacks Academy, Jonah Chipeco. You’ll also get to ask them questions live.

Date: Saturday, 13th June 2020
Time: 3PM-4PM

9. Biodiversity Matters – a series of webinars on biodiversity

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Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. 

June is officially Environment Month, which is why Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. will be celebrating it with Biodiversity Matters, a series of webinars talking about biodiversity.

Over 5 days,  the event will get listeners up to speed on  biodiversity in the Philippines, biodiversity conservation, and human health, with discussions be led by professionals in the field.

Date: Tues – Sat, 16th-20th June 2020
Time: 3PM-4PM

10. Kwentuhan with Cambio – preserving Philippine artistry and heritage through fashion and beauty

woman with red hair
Image credit: Cambio & Co

It’s always easier to learn about history through a subject you’re interested in, so Filipino fashionistas, this is for you. Kwentuhan with Cambio will tell you all about our Philippine heritage that’s represented in Filipino modern fashion and beauty.

This series of talks will be hosted by Cambio & Co., a Philippine heritage jewelry store in Canada. Though the event is in celebration of Filipino Heritage Month in Canada, all of us can learn more about the topic.

Date: Tues – Sat,16th-20th June 2020
Time: 3PM-4PM

Online events in the Philippines this June 2020

We could all deal with a little social interaction with people that we haven’t been stuck with for the past months, even if it’s just online. Take the opportunity to attend these free online events to meet new people, learn new things, or take a breather.

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