Forest-themed cafe

Avid cafe-goers are always on the lookout for cafes with new concepts. For a unique dining spot that’s worth a spot in your cafe-hopping itinerary, head on to Forest Cafe in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

This unique forest-themed glass cafe is just a quick drive from Metro Manila. They serve everything from breakfast food to cake and from Asian to Italian to US cuisine.

Unique architecture

Forest Cafe - architecture
Forest Cafe’s exterior
Image adapted from: Forest Cafe PH

Besides being made of glass, there are also other aspects of Forest Cafe’s architecture that make it refreshing to the eyes.

The building is asymmetrical, with a slanted roof and a curved facade that’s mostly made of glass. But while it has huge glass windows, natural light is diffused by grilles with circular holes so it doesn’t get hot inside the space.

Rainforest-inspired interior design

Forest Cafe - interior
The cafe’s forest-themed interior

image credit: @forestcafeph

The cafe’s forest theme gets more evident in its interior, with a nice amount of realistic-looking plants and small trees that make it seem as if you’re in a jungle.

Forest Cafe - feature wall
Forest Cafe’s unique feature wall
Image credit: Forest Cafe PH

Complementing these are wooden furniture, a mural with tropical leaves, and red brick walls. The place also has a unique feature wall where mugs used as lighting fixtures are attached.

Wide variety of recipes

Forest Cafe - Filipino breakfast
Filipino-style breakfast
Image credit: @forestcafeph

Forest Cafe offers recipes in a variety of cuisines for different meals, cravings, and occasions.

For P150-P179 (~USD2.98-USD3.55), you can start your day at the cafe with US country-, English-, or Filipino-style breakfast.

They also offer Asian dishes such as the Malaysian hand-pulled noodle dish mee hoon kueh (P260, ~USD5.16) and Vietnamese beef pho (P299, ~USD5.94). If you’re craving Italian food, there’s the shrimp pizza for P349-P419 (~USD6.93-USD8.32) and creamy spinach pizza in herb dough for P299 (~USD5.94).

Forest Cafe - Shrimp Pizza
Forest shrimp pizza
Image credit: @forestcafeph

If you’re taking someone – or yourself – for a date at Forest Cafe, they also serve ribeye and tenderloin steak.

For birthday celebrations, on the other hand, they sell cakes from the popular bakeshop Purple Oven, particularly the variants Campfire, Classic Sansrival, and Oreo Cheesecake, whole or per slice.

Open to all ages

Kids are allowed
Kids are currently allowed to dine inside the cafe
Image credit: @forestcafeph

Due to the current Covid-19 alert level, the cafe is currently open to diners of all ages. To be sure, you can check the cafe’s Facebook or Instagram page for their latest guidelines.

If you wish to be on the safer side and postpone your visit to this forest-themed cafe, though, you can still find their menu on foodpanda and toktok and have their food delivered right to your door.

Forest Cafe in Sta. Maria, Bulacan

With its unique architecture and refreshing interior that deserves a spot on your Instagram feed, Forest Cafe is definitely worth adding to your list of must-visit cafes.

If that’s still not enough to convince you, we’re sure that their diverse menu that can satisfy any kind of palate will do the trick.

Address: JRG Fuel Hub, Bypass Road, Guyong, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Opening hours:
9AM-10PM, Daily
Forest Cafe’s FacebookInstagram

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Cover image adapted from: Forest Cafe PH and @forestcafeph


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