Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Couples who have given each other gifts over the years might think that surprising their jowa this Valentine’s Day would be redundant. But giving them something thoughtful this coming hearts day can still be possible, as after all, there are local stores that offer creative Valentine’s day gift ideas for your significant other.

So to help you decide on a unique but affordable gift, we’ve listed down below 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas from local stores, from a limited-edition chocolate set to a watch made with a bamboo strap, for the SO who appreciates something different from the crowd.

1. Auro Chocolate’s Lesley Mobo Limited Collection – 3-piece chocolate set inspired by Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao

Valentines day gift ideas - Auro Chocolate Lesley Mobo Collection
Auro Chocolate’s Lesley Mobo Limited Collection
Image credit: @aurochocolate 

Instead of buying the usual brands of chocolates for your jowa this Valentine’s, you can get creative by giving them Auro Chocolate’s Lesley Mobo Limited Collection instead. At only P1,495 (~USD31.13), the 3-piece chocolate set will not just put a smile on your beloved’s face, but also support the award-winning, single-origin chocolates of Auro Chocolate, a local store that sources their sweets directly from the farmers of Mindanao. 

Created by Filipino designer Lesley Mobo and Chef Magsaysay, the set is designed with a packaging that shows Filipina women in tropical ternos and inspired by the flavors known in Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao, 3 of the Philippines’ major island groups. 

Si Aida ng Luzon has 64% dark chocolate with ylang-ylang essence-roasted white chocolate, Si Lorna ng Visayas has 32% white chocolate pandan with peanuts and dried green mango, and Si Fe ng Mindanao has 50% dark milk chocolate vetiver with freeze-dried pineapple and rice crispies. 

Get the Lesley Mobo Limited Collection here

2. Plants and Pots MNL’s Thai Beauty Pink Caladium – for the ultimate kikay plantita

Valentines day gift ideas - Thai Beauty Pink Caladium
Thai Beauty Pink Caladium
Image adapted from: @plantsandpotsmnl 

If your girlfriend is the ultimate kikay plantita, a pink plant will make her happy this Valentine’s Day. Plants and Pots MNL, a local online store that sells everything pink, has plants with naturally pink leaves on offer such as syngoniums, big pink caladiums, pin-stripe calatheas, and pink anthuriums, so your girl can create a unique, pink-themed garden at home. Even their pots are in pink too. 

For instance, their Thai Beauty Pink Caladium (P1,500, ~USD31.23), with green leaves that slowly turn pink as they grow, is a beautiful plant placed inside a matching pink pot. 

Get the Thai Beauty Pink Caladium here.

3. AKABA Alumno Dos Backpack (Blue Ramit) – handwoven Mangyan backpack

Valentines day gift ideas - AKABA Alumno Dos Backpack
AKABA Alumno Dos Backpack
Image adapted from: @akabaco  

Your modern, stylish SO can bring the AKABA Alumno Dos Backpack (P1,600, ~USD33.32) to work or on long trips in style – not only is it spacious at 12”x 5”x18”, but its modern cut with traditional patterns stand out from the rest. Its flap features a ramit textile woven by the Buhid and Hanuno Mangyans in Mindoro. 

You’ll be supporting the livelihood of indigenous communities when buying from AKABA – a local accessories store that sells different types of tote bags to body bags to backpacks.  

Get the AKABA Alumno Dos Backpack (Blue Ramit) here.

4. Randolf Clothing’s Rainbow Satin Boxers – from the designer house of RJ Santos

Valentines day gift ideas - Randolf Clothing’s Rainbow Satin Boxers
Rainbow Satin Boxers
Image credit: Randolf Clothing 

For the bae who’s  LGBTQ+ and proud of it, they’d love what’s on offer at Randolf Clothing, such as the Rainbow Satin Boxers (P1,000, ~USD20.82). It’s an everyday piece the jowa can wear so they can do away with boring, plaid boxer shorts and proudly wear their pride even when at home. This pair also comes with another pair of plain white boxers that your jowa can customize with their own designs. 

Valentines day gift ideas - Randolf Clothing Dead End Suit
Dead End Suit
Image credit: Randolf Clothing

Or for any lover who enjoys being in the spotlight, Randolf – which by the way is a local clothing brand led by Filipino designer RJ Santos – is known for its forward, fun pop culture prints, so you can also find items that have starred in fashion shows here. An example is the Dead End Suit (P25,000, ~USD520.51), a printed polyester suit with doodles all over. 

Get the Rainbow Satin Boxers and Dead End Suit

5. Blooms by Agi’s Amelia Inflated Balloons – florals with balloons

Valentines day gift ideas - Blooms by Agi’s Amelia Inflated Balloons
Amelia collection
Image credit: @bloomsbyagi 

Sending a bouquet of flowers during Valentine’s Day can get clichéd, so you can be different this year by giving your bae Blooms by Agi’s box of flowers with balloons. The Amelia collection from their latest collection has two boxed flowers, sunflowers (P3,500, ~USD72.87) and ecuadorian roses (P4,500, ~USD93.69), adorned with transparent, inflated balloons with Valentine’s day greetings. 

The flower shop also crafts bouquets with greens, so if your bae is a plantita or plantito, they will surely appreciate the shop’s unique arrangements of bouquets such as the Amanda (P4,200, ~USD86.73), an intricate mix of roses, peonies, carnations, and succulents layered with assorted fillers.

Get the Amelia Collection here.

6. Team Manila’s Pullover – versatile pullover that comes with a mask

Valentines day gift ideas -Team Manila’s Pullover
Image credit: @teammanila 

Team Manila’s latest designs such as their pullover (P1,995, ~USD41.54), cut in basic hoodie fashion, are for the unisex jowa. It comes with a mask, so it can also be used these COVID-19 times, and it’s available in two colors, black and fatigue.

During days when they can’t figure out how to pair their tops and bottoms, the pullover will also come in handy, as its colors are easy to pair with anything, be it black leggings or a skirt. 

Get the Team Manila Pullover in Fatigue and in Black.

7. Stage Chic’s Rose Collection Jewelry – rose gold jewelry under P1,500

Valentines day gift ideas - Stage Chic’s Rose Collection Jewelry
Paris Blush (left) and Gabrielle (right)
Image credit: @stage_chic

Stage Chic’s Rose Collection is an affordable set of beautiful jewelry, with everything under P1,500 each. The collection includes 6 pairs of earrings such as the Paris Blush (P1,395, ~USD29.05) and Gabrielle (P1,395, ~USD29.05) and 1 necklace in rose gold, a go-to color in between silver and gold and perfect for those who want a subtle yet not-too-understated sheen. 

The color is less formal as well, so your girl can easily match them with her outfits more casual days. 

Get the Stage Chic Rose Collection here.

8. The Gay Agenda’s Proud Caps – everyday wearables

Valentines day gift ideas -The Gay Agenda’s proud cap
Proud Caps
Image adapted from: @thegayagendaph 

The Gay Agenda is the go-to store for LGBTQ+ accessories such as pins, flags, rainbow straps, and even caps (P200, ~USD4.16) with the word “proud” embroidered on the front. Available in basic colors of black and white, it’ll blend well with your jowa’s everyday, casual wear while also helping them express their pride.

Valentines day gift ideas - The Gay Agenda bracelet and wrisband
Image credit: @thegayagendaph

Alternatively, get matchy with your lover with a pair of rainbow bracelets or wristbands – the shop’s Pride Bracelet is an affordable magnetic bracelet at P150 (~USD3.12), while the Rainbow Wristband is stretchable and is only at P95 (~USD1.98)

Get the Proud Caps, Pride Bracelet, and Rainbow Wristband.

9. Tygie’s Zaela Lady Barongbarong she can wear even on semi-casual days

Valentines day gift ideas - Tygie Lady Barong
Zaela Lady Barong
Image credit: Tygie 

Lady bosses who love to pull off androgynous fashion would love what’s in store at Tygie, a local store known for crafting modern Filipinana pieces. 

They have barongs for ladies, for example, such as the Zaela Lady Barong (P2,999, ~USD62.45 – P3,999, ~USD83.27), a barong with a laid-back mandarin collar that your girl can wear not just during formal occasions but also on semi-casual days. 

Get the Zaela Lady Barong here

10. Kawayan’s Savannah Watch – with a bamboo strap

Valentines day gift ideas - Kawayan Savannah watch
The Savannah
Image adapted from: Kawayan 

Most watches are made of plastic and steel that cause harm to our environment, but fortunately, there are watches such as those from Kawayan that can help us be more eco-friendly while staying in fashion. 

Their watches are made up of bamboo or kawayan, an abundant plant in the Philippines known for producing flexible, strong, and organic wooden material. You can surprise your man with the Savannah watch (P2,899, ~USD60.36), made with a 5mm light brown kawayan frame. 

Get the Savannah watch here

Valentine’s Day gift ideas from the Philippines

Some of the best gift ideas can indeed come from local stores. Not only are they uniquely Filipino, but they also support the livelihoods of our communities. 

And their products aren’t all expensive either, so you can always find something unique and affordable whenever you’re running out of gift ideas. 

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Cover image adapted from: @aurochocolate, Kawayan 


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