Filipino TikTokers you should know

Scrolling through TikTok has fast become a favorite activity among many Filipinos, especially the young. Founded by ByteDance in 2016, the app is used for creating entertaining videos, usually showing people dancing, singing, and being humorous, lasting from seconds to a minute or two.

And many talented Filipino TikTokers have been keeping us amused with their witty TikTok antics. Get to know these 8 Filipino TikTokers, from dancer Yanyan De Jesus to food blogger Foxy Folksy specializing in Filipino food recipes, who are each making names in their niches.

1. Yanyan De Jesus – choreography and occasional cosplaying

Filipino TikTokers - Yanyan De Jesus
Image adapted from: @yanyandejesus1

From his first video on TikTok showing him doing a series of hand gestures, Yanyan De Jesus or Ian Carl De Jesus has gone on to become a TikTok choreo superstar. The Kapampangan hip-hop dancer with over 12 million followers slays in every move in his videos, sometimes matching his dancing with his anime character cosplay outfits, such as those of Haikyuu’s Shoyo Hinata and My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya

It’s no wonder why dancing comes as second nature to him, as he was also a former member of the G-Force Dance Center, one of the Philippines’s premier dance organizations. From starting in his hometown Pampanga to making it big in the Philippines, he’s made waves in Southeast Asia too since becoming one of the winners of the regional TikTok All-Star Southeast Asia 2019 competition. 

Check out Yanyan De Jesus’s TikTok account here. 

2. JMKO Music – music covers, mashups, fill-in-the-lyrics clips

Filipino TikTokers - JMKO Music
Image adapted from: @jmko_music 

JMKO Music, fronted by Miko Manguba, is the TikTok account for karaoke fans. With a combination of good looks and a soothing voice, Manguba entertains his over 1.9 million followers by covering songs, creating mashups, videos for duets, and content that lets viewers complete the song lyrics that he sings halfway by “filling in the blanks” onscreen, among others. 

He covers popular international songs and OPM classics such as Bakit Pa Ba? and Paano Na Kaya on TikTok, also collaborating with singers such as the Filipino-American star AJ Rafael and Rahmania Astrini from Indonesia. 

He is one of the rising singers in the Philippines under ABS-CBN’s Star Music, having released his debut single Isla in April 2019 under their management, followed by tracks Ano Nga Ba Tayo and Timeless.

Check out JMKO Music’s TikTok account here

3. Jen Barangan – flight attendant experiences

Filipino TikTokers -Jen Barangan
Image adapted from: @jenbarangan

Flight attendants are popular in social media, because we get to see what’s behind their jobs that involve a lot of traveling. 

One of the famous flight attendant influencers around is Jen Barangan. Followed by millions, her social media accounts from TikTok to YouTube to Instagram are a comprehensive source of info on what it’s like to have worked for an airline to tips on landing a job as a flight attendant. 

In between flight attendant-themed videos on her TikTok, she shares her day-to-day life with her over 1.6 million followers through various types of content such as Get Ready With Me videos and beauty tips. She sadly lost her job in October 2020 due to the pandemic, but continues churning out content for her fans and aspiring flight attendants alike. 

Check out Jen Barangan’s TikTok account here

4. Teejay Hughes – selfie photography tips

Filipino TikTokers - Teejay Hughes
Image adapted from: @teejayhughes 

Taking good selfies is a useful skill to learn, even if you’re not planning to be an influencer. Educational videos are more fun on TikTok, and for photo tips, you can look up the account of Teejay Hughes, a Filipino-American lifestyle content creator. 

His TikTok account is dedicated to teaching selfie photography to aspiring content creators, with lessons ranging from how to look wholesome in your photos to how to pose in a flattering way in front of a mirror. Looking wholesome involves a ‘cutie chin lean’ according to Hughes, while hugging your waist with one arm can make your mirror selfies look more relaxed and casual. 

Check out Teejay Hughes’s TikTok account here

5. Foxy Folksy – Filipino food recipes

Filipino TikTokers - Foxy Folksy
Image adapted from: @foxyfolksy 

Food has also been big on TikTok, where quarantine cooking trends such as whipped Dalgona coffee first made the rounds. For content on Filipino food, you can find short videos on Foxy Folksy’s TikTok account showing how to prepare various types of local dishes such as pinaputok na tilapia, ube champorado, and sinigang na baboy

It is managed by couple Bebs Manaloto-Lott, a Filipina who left the corporate world to pursue food blogging, and Armin Lott, Bebs’s German hubby. You can view the longer versions of their TikTok videos on YouTube, or for a more thorough guide, check out their website

Check out Foxy Folksy’s TikTok account here

6. Arabella Racelis – lifestyle and beauty TikToker

Filipino TikTokers - Arabella Racelis
Image adapted from: @thatsbellayt 

Trailing close behind Filipina beauty guru superstars, Arabella Racelis is a young, rising lifestyle content creator to watch out for. Her TikTok account is mostly for entertainment, featuring dancing videos and occasional beauty videos where she does her make-up.

But for tips on anything beauty, fashion, and school, you can follow her on YouTube, where she currently has 1.13 million followers. Her channel shows her young it girl’s lifestyle that includes following an affordable quarantine skincare routine, Lazada hauls, and online classes. 

Check out Arabella Racelis’s TikTok account here

7. Agassi Ching – known for his K-pop star looks

Filipino TikTokers - Agassi Ching
Image adapted from: @agassiching 

A Mr. Chinatown Philippines contender, Agassi Ching is a Pinoy chinito star of TikTok, known for his k-pop star looks and physique. He entertains his over 3.4 million followers mainly through dancing, occasionally with his girlfriend Jai Asuncion

He’s also big on YouTube, where he gets creative with his pranks such as surprising his mom with a fake cake and scaring his brother. In between prank videos, he shares his day-to-day life with family and Jai. 

Check out Agassi Ching’s TikTok account here

8. Niana Guerrero – one of the youngest influencers in the Philippines

Filipino TikTokers - Niana Guerrero
Image adapted from: @nianaguerrero 

At only 14 years old this year, Niana Guerrero is one of the youngest influencers in the Philippines, known for her hip-hop dancing skills. Her TikTok account, with over 15 million followers, is a mishmash of videos showing her flawless dance moves anywhere – in her room, on a rooftop, or in her family’s basement.

She is also big abroad, and has collaborated, alongside her fellow dancer brother Ranz Kyle, with US-based choreographers Matt Steffanina, D-Trix, and dancer siblings The Williams Family. Nike has also recognized her talent, inviting her to their You Can’t Stop Us Camp virtual series of sports and dance workshops. 

You can get to know her more through her YouTube vlogs, where she shares her day-to-day life with her family aside from her dance videos. 

Check out Niana Guerrero’s TikTok account here

Filipino TikTokers you should follow

With its short, digestible, and useful content, it’s no wonder why TikTok has become a favorite app among Filipinos. These Filipino TikTokers’ videos showing their creativity, give us a short escape from the day or sometimes, help us laugh out loud at their funny mini-skits. 

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