Filipino family recreates scenes from CLOY

Crash Landing On You – aka CLOY – is the Korean drama that everyone has been talking about lately. With a plot that centers around a pair of star-crossed lovers – Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) from North Korea and Se-Ri (Yon Se-Jin) from South Korea, and action-packed, high-tension scenes that leave everyone on the edge of their seats, it’s definitely a series worth binging during this lockdown. 

Which is why, perhaps, this family from Cavite decided to celebrate their parents’ silver anniversary by recreating iconic scenes from the popular K-drama. On 31st March, the family’s eldest daughter, Edflyn Sulit, dropped the hilarious pictures in a Twitter thread, which has garnered close to 1,000 retweets and 1,800 likes at the point of writing.

Cavite’s very own Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri

man dressed up as soldier and a woman separated by a creek
Image credit: Edflyn Sulit

What made the pictures even more amazing was that the Sulit family’s love story had similarities with the CLOY plot. In the drama, North Korea’s Special Forces Captain Ri and South Korean chaebol heiress Yoon Se-ri fell in love after the latter got blown over her country’s borders by a storm. 

In an interview with GMA, Edflyn explains that her dad, Edwin, worked as a doctor in Mindoro, which is in the Northern part of the Philippines, while her mom, Lynette, worked as a nurse in Mindanao, the South.

man dressed up as soldier catching woman falling from tree
Image credit: Edflyn Sulit

And just as Captain Ri fell for Yoon Se-ri as she fell – or crash-landed – into his arms from a tree she was stuck in, Edwin fell for Lynette at first sight, when he saw her walking down a flight of stairs.

The kids were in on it, too

a woman with 4 adults dressed in military wear
Image credit: Edflyn Sulit

Because of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown, the family couldn’t go out to celebrate, but that didn’t stop them from having fun. In an interview with, Edeflyn shares that the shoot was actually her parents’ idea, after the family finished watching the series together.

In a funny stroke of destiny, the Sulit family has 4 kids – yet another parallel to Captain Ri’s original company of soldiers (excluding Man-bok, the wiretapper who later joined the ragtag group). Which made it apt to have the 4 kids dressed up as Captain Ri’s Company Five

To recreate the scenes, the family shot the pictures around their house. And with a creek and forest nearby, they easily recreated scenes from the series.

Finding joy during the lockdown

We’re all here for this Filipino “adaptation” of the current popular K-drama. And if anything, the Sulit family has shown us that you can still  have fun during tough times – with some creativity, of course.

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