10 Filipino Drag Queens We Want To See Slaying The Runway On Drag Den & Drag Race Philippines

Filipino drag queens

As auditions are now ongoing for Drag Den and Drag Race Philippines, our local Filipino drag queens will finally have bigger platforms and audiences to showcase their artistry. And if you’re wondering about our queens who have the potential to make it to the competitions, our local drag scene has actually been thriving with many vibrant personalities that deserve to be in the spotlight.

Here are 10 Filipino drag queens whom we’d be excited to see on either Drag Den or Drag Race Philippines.

Pronouns have been applied according to the drag queens’ preferences.

1. Lady Gagita – known for his impersonations of Lady Gaga

Image credit: @ladygagitaofficial

Long before RuPaul’s Drag Race shot to popularity on our shores, Lady Gagita (Vinzon Booc) had already been a household name known for his impersonation and parodies of Lady Gaga’s music videos.

Gagita has followed the global superstar throughout her career, beginning with her The Fame era up until her latest album Chromatica.

Aside from Lady Gaga, he has also impersonated Katy Perry and local celebrities such as Sarah Geronimo.

Check out Lady Gagita’s Facebook account.

2. Eva Le Queen – founder of Drag Playhouse PH

Image credit: @eva_lequeen

Known for her couture outfits, flamboyant wigs, and conceptual looks that once had her wearing a toilet seat while performing, Eva Le Queen (Jan Lamban) is surely someone we want to see slaying it out in the competitions.

Aside from her own drag artistry, she has also been helping bring the cause of our drag queens into the limelight after she founded Drag Playhouse PH, a local agency showcasing our queens through various events, parties, and shows.

Her podcast Evangelism is where she also discusses in detail her thoughts, experiences, and stories along with other fellow divas.

Check out Eva Le Queen’s Instagram account.

3. Mrs Tan – signature piercing eyes and cheekbones

Image credit: @heymrstan

With her piercing eyes, sharp cheekbones, and signature black short wigs, Mrs Tan (Ian Jaurigue) has indeed carved a look that’s uniquely her own.

One of the up-and-coming drag queens to watch out for, she has appeared in many drag events around and has even organized her own virtual show recently called Tandemonium, an experiential show where audiences are given tansan (virtual currency), which they could each use to have a say in what went into Mrs Tan’s performance.

Check out Mrs Tan’s Instagram account.

4. Viñas DeLuxe – inspired by Beyonce

Image credit: @vinasdeluxe

Inspired by the works of Beyonce, Viñas DeLuxe (Christian Viñas) alternates between many looks, but she has mostly been drawn to the signature hair and costumes of Beyonce.

Among her notable collaborations include a benefit concert alongside Nadine Lustre and fellow drag queens for a non-profit organization that promotes the welfare of the elderly LGBTQ+ community.

Check out Viñas DeLuxe’s Instagram account.

5. Maniqueen – founder of Haus of Manza

Image credit: @iamniquemanza

(Nique Manza) is the founder of Haus of Manza, a drag family consisting of local drag queens who compete for prizes in balls, patterned after the ball culture of performances that originated in the underground LGBTQ+ subcultures in the United States.

Aside from being a drag queen, she wears many hats as a professional pole dancer and choreographer.

Check out Maniqueen’s Instagram account.

6. Prince Marell – does cosmic-themed drag

Image credit: @princemarell

Donning electrifying, colorful looks, Prince Marell (Prince de Castro) crafts cosmic-themed drag inspired by comic book characters she’d grown to love ever since she was a kid. One of her most iconic looks, for instance, includes her transformation into Mystique, a fictional character from the X-Men.

A co-founder of Drag Playhouse PH, Marell has also been able to launch her own merch line, Prince Merch, and beauty line, Prince Beauty PH.

Check out Prince Marell’s Instagram account.

7. Brigiding “Gigi” Aricheta – has represented Philippine drag in major cities around the world

Image credit: @brigiding_

With her glamorous drag with a twist, Brigiding “Gigi” Aricheta, who can morph from being a seductive siren to looking like Freddie Mercury, is no doubt someone we’d be excited to see on either Drag Den or Drag Race Philippines.

Her artistry has brought her around the world already – she has appeared in various drag shows in cities such as London and Chicago.

Check out Brigiding’s Instagram account.

8. Minty Fresh – all about hyperfeminine drag

Image credit: @minortiz

True to her name, Minty Fresh (Min Ortiz), who calls her theme “hyperfeminine,” keeps her drag in ethereal sparks and glitters. She’s mostly seen wearing silver or blonde long wigs while impersonating stars such as Ariana Grande.

She has released a song “Fresh,” which can be streamed on Spotify.

Check out Minty Fresh’s Instagram account.

9. Precious Paula Nicole – one of the veterans of the Philippine drag scene

Image credit: @preciouspaulame

Marked by her colorful aesthetic, Precious Paula Nicole (Kyle Pipoy) has been around the industry for about 10 years now.

Her career started through her impersonation of local and international celebrities such as Regine Alcasid and Madonna.

Check out Precious Paula Nicole’s Instagram account.

10. Marina Summers – known for her beachy aesthetic

Image credit: @marinaxsummers

As her name suggests, Marina Summers (Yan Alabado) is your sultry bombshell drag queen inspired by the beach.

Also a co-founder of Drag Playhouse PH, Summers has been very active within the community as well – in fact, she has also just released a single “I Have Arrived” that you can stream on Spotify.

Check out Marina Summers’ Instagram account.

Filipino drag queens

From Lady Gagita to Marina Summers, there are indeed many local Filipino drag queens who are out to show what they’ve got whether through their unique make-up looks or razor-sharp impersonations.

We’re so excited to see how Drag Den and Drag Race Philippines will turn out for the local drag scene!

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Cover image adapted from: @ladygagitaofficial, @brigiding_, @minortiz

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