Empanada purse by Rommydebommy

Over the course of the past few months, many fun and wacky inventions have come out from local businesses. Creations such as bahay kubo backpacks and Chickenjoy phone charms have gone viral, putting a smile on our faces despite the hard-hitting COVID-19 pandemic.

Joining the list of creative products is this empanada purse that has turned every Filipino’s favorite pastry into something wearable. It might not be as yummy as the usual empanada that we love to eat, but it looks just as appetizing.

The store’s most requested purse

empanada purseImage credit: Rommydebommy

Filipino birthday parties and fiestas are never complete without empanadas. These hand-sized pastries stuffed with pork, beef, or veggies are always a hit at any event, and now you can take one with you anywhere by getting Rommydebommy’s empanada purse.

Rommydebommy is an online store owner who makes products inspired by a wide variety of foods, from snacks to sweet desserts to savory dishes. And due to popular demand, it was about time that they made something inspired by empanadas. The purse is dedicated to the page’s Southern European, Latin American, Indonesian, and of course Filipino followers.

The empanada purse’s price point

empanada purse - fits iphoneThe bag has a side pocket that fits an iPhone nicely
Image credit: Rommydemommy

A great amount of effort goes into making sure that Rommydebommy products look just like the food or object they’re inspired from down to the smallest detail. Because of this, their prices are a little steep. 

The empanada purse, made with clay foam and faux leather and painted to perfection, costs P11,211.47 (~USD230.92).

empanada purse - bacon bow tie
A bacon-shaped bowtie
Image credit: Rommydebommy

The store’s purses, backpacks, and bags start from P5,691.60 (~USD117.27). Aside from bags, food-inspired bow ties are also available from P4,311.82 (~USD88.84). They ship all of their products worldwide.

The artist behind Rommydebommy

empanada purse - crepe purse
Image credit:

Behind each unique Rommydebommy product is 29-year old Dutch artist Rommy. Developing her art since college, she decided to open Rommydebommy in 2015. The store served as an outlet for her desire to create art that wasn’t mainstream, since making purses from fabrics was too easy for her.

empanada purse - cookie backpack
Image credit: Rommydebommy

With food being her biggest passion, she takes inspiration from pastry chefs on Instagram and Pinterest to create her products.

She currently runs the store by herself, from creating ideas to making products to shipping, but she takes it all in her stride because it’s her dream come true.

Don’t worry, be quirky

There’s no shame in slinging a plain bag about – simple and minimalist style is timeless, after all. However, if you’ve ever felt like nothing in regular stores fits your taste quite right, maybe you just have to create your own accessories yourself.

Just like Rommy, with her empanada purses and fun bow ties, you might even make a living out of quirky art and find that it’s a dream come true.

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Cover image adapted from: Rommydebommy 

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