Dookki: unlimited tteokbokki in Quezon City

Watching K-drama often leaves us craving Korean food, especially when a character starts to eat enthusiastically. If your craving won’t go away after a quick ramyeon fix, you can go to Dookki in SM North EDSA.

Dookki is a buffet restaurant franchise in Asia offering unlimited tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes) (P499, ~USD8.86 for adults, P249, ~USD4.42 for children) which extends to other soup ingredients and side dishes. This new food spot in the Philippines has so much food and flavors to offer that it’s best to bring the gang along for a K-drama-esque dining experience.

Selection of sauces

Dookki - sauce bar
Sauce bar.
Image credit: Itsmaelife

When you go to Dookki, you must first make your own sauce just like you would in a hotpot restaurant. This allows you to customize your soup base to suit your taste.

Their sauce bar has sauces with different levels of spice to pick from and even mix together. For kids or those who just can’t handle their spice well, there are also other sauce options such as curry, barbeque, and cream.

Tteokbokki buffet with a variety of options

Dookki - unlimitedtteokbokki
Tteokbokki with a variety of other ingredients available at Dookki.
Image adapted from: @__buzz__lightyear

For the contents of your tteokbokki meal, you can choose from a variety of rice cakes from their self-service bar. These include original, sweet potato, and cheese flavors. There are also different kinds of odeng (fish cake) and noodles such as ramen and glass noodles.

To add flavor to your tteokbokki, you can add as much beef, shrimp, mussels, mushrooms, and veggies as you want.

You can also get the most bang from your buck by using the leftover sauce to make bokkeumbap or fried rice with ingredients from their self-service bar.

Unlimited Korean side dishes

Dookki - Korean side dishes
Fried Korean side dishes.
Image adapted from: Adrielle Ortiz

Besides unlimited tteokbokki, you get unlimited Korean sides, including rice balls and japchae (stir-fried noodles). There’s also fried food such as Korean fried chicken, mandu (dumplings), and gimmari (deep-fried seaweed noodle rolls)

Dookki’s unlimited drinks are also a plus when you’re eating at a buffet. For a light dessert, they have cut fruits which you can get at the self-service bar.

Takeout and delivery

Dookki at Home
Dookki at Home.
Image adapted from: @dookkiph

You can also enjoy Dookki’s tteokbokki at home. They offer set meals starting at P699 (~USD12.41) for 2 people. With these sets, you already get tteokbokki cooked or uncooked. They also come with side dishes and canned drinks.

The restaurant chain also recently introduced their Dookki at Home packs which you can get at their branches. These are packed tteokbokki with noodles or fishcakes you can bring to your out-of-town trips, provided they stay chilled.

Tteokbokki buffet in QC

Switch up your regular KBBQ dates with friends and go to a tteokbokki buffet at Dookki in Quezon City.

You’ll finally get to try the food Korean celebrities enjoy in K-dramas and K-variety shows. This might even be your friend group’s new favorite unlimited food spot in the metro!

Address: 3F, The Annex, SM North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Opening hours:
10.30pm-9pm, Daily
0956 934 8999 | 0968 692 8889
Dookki’s websiteFacebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @__buzz__lightyear and Itsmaelife


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