Don Quijote now ships to the Philippines

Shopping for bargain finds in Japan’s discount stores such as Don Quijote is one of travelers’ favorite activities. After all, these stores are home to a wide array of authentic Japanese goodies sold at affordable prices. 

Thankfully, during these times when we can’t easily fly to the Land of the Rising Sun, Don Quijote is now shipping directly to the Philippines.

Don Quijote is known for their huge variety of products

Don Quijote shipping Philippines - Don Quijote store in AsakusaImage credit: @sotravelbzh

Don Quijote, fondly called Donki by fans, is a discount store selling a variety of goods ranging from everyday food to chocolates to makeup and souvenirs. The store has been shipping to the Philippines since 4th March 2021, due to popular demand.

Don Quijote shipping Philippines - online storeImage credit: Don Quijote

To get started on your Donki shopping spree, go to the Don Quijote Online Shop. Select “Philippines” as your delivery country or area and English as your language, if you’re not familiar with the Japanese language. 

Create an account by filling in your e-mail address and password, and a confirmation code will be sent to you e-mail. After that, you can begin your online shopping haul.

Score items from noodles to matcha

Don Quijote shipping Philippines - ramen noodleImage credit: Don Quijote – English

If you’ve been missing ramen noodles, check out the variety of ramen products available on their site. ICHIRAN Ramen Curly Noodles, which includes spicy seasoning, can be cooked immediately and is only at JPY371 (~P163.28)

You can also find various matcha products – from Nitto Tea Matcha Au Lait with milk (JPY498, ~P219.20) to Ito En Premium Matcha Tea Bags (JPY398, ~P175.17) on the online shop. Matcha lovers will love the options available given that there are only limited matcha products available in our supermarkets. 

Don Quijote shipping Philippines - Sailor Moon RollerImage credit: Don Quijote – English 

Nitoms Sticky Roller Sailor Moon Stick (JPY1380, ~P606.90) is one of their quirky offerings for Sailor Moon lovers or fans of anything kawaii. You can use the roller to wipe away dust from your clothing. 

The online store has two delivery options

Don Quijote can deliver products to the Philippines through Express Mail Service (EMS) and Surface Mail International Parcel (delivery by sea). Shipping fees vary according to the weight of your ordered items, and take note that the store only allows payments via credit card. 

Don Quijote delivers to the Philippines

While we can find Japanese products in our local supermarkets, finding the exact item we want can be difficult given the limited options available. But thanks to Don Quijote, we can now check out as many ramen noodles or matcha items as we like in the comfort of our homes.

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Cover image adapted from: @sotravelbzh, Don Quijote – English

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