Dachshund owner dresses dog in her own baptismal dress

To dog owners, their pets only deserve the best.

That’s why they’re willing to put in the effort to dress their furry best friends in clothing that would make them look extra – like what dachshund owner Erriel Saplala did to her pet Larkin by dressing him in her own baptismal dress.

Owner followed her mom’s advice to keep her baptismal dress for a future child

Dachshund owner - Erriel Saplala with her mom
Saplala with her mom on her baptism day
Image credit: Erriel Saplala 

Turns out, Saplala had worn the very same baptismal dress as her dog did when she was a baby, after which it was safekept all these years by her mom.

Her mom had advised her to keep the precious dress for her future child – a touching idea to turn the dress into an heirloom that would continue their family’s story through the generations.

Dachshund owner - Larkin the Dachs
Image credit: Erriel Saplala 

But instead of putting the dress on a human baby, she fulfilled her mom’s advice by putting her doggo Larkin in it – because she considers him to be her own child.

Sabi noon ni mama sa akin itago ko daw ‘yung damit na ginamit ko noong bininyagan ako para magamit pa ng magiging anak ko. Kaya hindi ko papalagpasin ang pagkakataon na ito! Ngayon na isa na akong ina, gusto [kong] sundin ang sinabi ni mama sa akin,” Saplala said in her Facebook post. 

(Mom told me before that I should keep my baptismal dress so that my future child can use it too. So I will not miss this opportunity! Now that I’m a mother, I want to follow what my mom told me.)

Dachshund owner - Erriel Saplala Facebook post
Image adapted from Erriel Saplala

Hilariously, the Facebook album’s first few photos were just photos of her own baptism day and the dress, so users expecting pictures of a human baby at the end had to click through before being unexpectedly surprised by pictures of the dog wearing the dress in 2020.

Dachshund owner
Image credit: Erriel Saplala 

Wearing his hooman owner’s baptismal dress, it’s as if Larkin is the subject of a painting depicting a dog in the renaissance period, having his own Mona Lisa moment. 

Larkin the dog loves dressing up

Dachshund owner - larkin the Dachs
Image credit: Erriel Saplala 

Larkin isn’t actually new to the world of doggo fashion – from serving sporty looks to dressing up like a tiger.

He can be spotted rocking an Adidog hoodie in a photo shared by Saplala, as if he were thinking about the lyrics to his next rap song.

Dachshund owner - Larkin the Dachs
Image credit: Erriel Saplala 

The furkid also got to wear a tiger outfit during his birthday bash – simply because it’s cool.

Dachshund owner - Larkin the Dachs
Image credit: Erriel Saplala 

Pets deserve to look fashionable too

There are many ways we show our love to our pets. From giving them their basic needs to dressing them up so they can look fashionable, we love to spoil them in our own little ways because they are our friends, sparking joy in our everyday lives. 

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Cover image adapted from: Erriel Saplala



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