2021 Christmas gift ideas

It’s that time of the year again when festive lights are on to celebrate the coming holiday season where we gather with our loved ones. These gatherings can mean get-togethers, vacations, and parties coupled with gift-giving.

And while we love receiving gifts, thinking about gift ideas requires thought, as you want to avoid gifting someone yet another popular gift item such as cups and towels. Here are 10 unique Christmas gift ideas, from accessories to food to clothing, to guide you on your holiday gift shopping this year.

– Accessories –

1. Sjalsligtikea, IKEA’s decorative cactus set – made from ceramic

Christmas gift ideas - IKEA Philippines cactus set
Image credit: IKEA Philippines

Plantitos and plantitas who thrive while being surrounded by plants will be happy to receive IKEA’s Sjalsligtikea (P790, ~USD15.65), a three-piece decorative cactus set made from ceramic.

They can be placed on a variety of furniture, from cabinets to tables, so you can keep your surroundings not only colorful but also bring a sense of calm to your room’s overall mood.

Buy Sjalsligtikea here.

2. Kakai Tote Bag – handwoven bag featuring Hanunuo script

Christmas gift ideas - Kakai Tote Bag
Image credit:  Frankie General Store

If you’re having a hard time thinking of gift ideas for your girlfriends or mom, you’ll never go wrong with the Kakai Tote Bag (P5,400, ~USD107.08). A handwoven textile from Ilocos that features the embroidered word “empowered” in Hanunuo indigenous script, the tote bag is a stylish showcase of our local traditions.

Aside from letting you carry your culture, the bag is also easy to use as you can place many items inside.

Buy the Kakai Tote Bag here.

3. Razer Kraken Storm Trooper gaming headset – Star Wars-themed headset

Christmas gift ideas - Storm Trooper Razer Kraken headset
Image credit: Razer

Gamers don’t just need a good headset for sound quality. A good pair of gaming headsets is crucial for any game, as it provides an immersive experience while also ensuring you’re tuned in to any gunshots or danger.

The Razer Kraken Storm Trooper edition (P4,395, ~USD87.26) is assembled with 50 mm drivers featuring 7.1 surround sound, so you can hear everything happening in your game, whether there’s someone following you or an explosion is taking place. The drivers are also equipped with gel-infused ear cushions that lessen heat build-up to let you enjoy your game for hours without your ears aching too much.

The headset is compatible with various consoles, from PC to PS4 to Xbox One to Switch and mobile devices with the 3.5 mm combo jack.

Buy the Razer Kraken Storm Trooper here.

4. Vice Cosmetics’ Keri and Boom Eyeshadow Palette – affordable pair of palettes

Christmas gift ideas - Vice Cosmetics
Image credit: @vicecosmeticsph

For only P245 (~USD4.87) each, the Keri and Boom Eyeshadow Palette from Vice Cosmetics will make for good staple eye make-up for any creative go-getter who fancies a colorful look day and night. Composed of six shades, each palette features pigmented tones that you can easily blend.

The Keri palette is for fans of pinks and purples, while the Boom palette will give off fresh, aquatic and nature-themed looks with its blue and green shades.

Buy the Keri and Boom Eyeshadow Palette here.

5. Katha’s Quarantine Essentials – eco-friendly essentials from mask to tumbler

Christmas gift ideas - Katha essentials set
Image credit: Katha

Whether or not your mom is a tita, any mother will surely appreciate Katha’s Quarantine Essentials box set (P1,170, ~USD23.24).

The set includes a mesh bag, a pair of banana leaf slippers, a tumbler made up of bamboo, and an abaca mask – all fashionable, useful, and most of all, gentle to mother earth.

Buy Katha’s Quarantine Essentials here.

– Food & beverages –

6. Agimat Gin – mythical-themed gin with ingredients sourced from across the Philippines

Christmas gift ideas - Agimat Gin
Image credit: Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar and Kitchen

A nod to the mythical traditions and vibrancy of our natural wonders, the Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar and Kitchen’s Agimat Gin (P1,699, ~USD33.62) is as local as it gets. With a triangular black bottle shaped like an amulet that bears symbols and scripts, the gin already wins with its eye-catching theme.

But beyond its design, your gin-loving dad or tito would surely love to savor its fruity, sweet, and floral notes composed of Luzon’s ylang ylang and wild floral honey, Visayas’ yutukon and libas, and Mindanao’s biasong and pink pomelo hail. The gin is also perfect when mixed with lime juice or tonic water.

Buy the Agimat Gin here.

7. Feel Good Grocer’s Superfood Starter Set – beginner-friendly set for making smoothie bowls

Christmas gift ideas - Feel Good Grocer Starter Set Superfood
Image credit: Feel Good Grocer

Feel Good Grocer’s Superfood Starter Set (P1,144, ~USD22.67) will make a great gift for your foodie friend, especially when they are just starting to get into healthy, lifestyle food. The set contains a jar of muesli, organic chia seeds, ground flax seeds, Davao cacao nibs, and coconut flakes, so they can get into the recipes of making various fruity meals such as smoothie bowls and chia pudding.

These vegan delights do not always come easy on the wallet when bought in restaurants, so helping a friend get started with creating these fruity foods will also encourage them to try out an affordable, healthier diet.

Buy the Superfood Starter Set here.

– Clothing & shoes –

8. Katha’s Arleah Polo – made from repurposed fabric

Christmas gift ideas - polo
Image credit: Katha

Polo shirts are common casual wear, but Katha’s Arleah Polo (P1,450, ~USD28.78) offers gents a unique style that’s also eco-friendly.

For the important men in your life, the Arleah Polo, made from repurposed flour sacks, is one of the ways to add sustainability to their wardrobes. It also comes with playful prints, making this polo perfect for casual wear on beach trips.

Buy the Arleah Polo here.

9. Tropical Futures’ Philippine-themed hoodie – features unique typography

Christmas gift ideas - Tropical Futures hoodie
Image credit: @tropicalfutures

Being proud of where you come from can be casually showcased through streetwear such as Tropical Futures’ Philippine Love Songs hoodie (P5,948, ~USD117.99), which features colorful typography inspired by Filipino music.

Anyone will stand out wearing the hoodie, as it doesn’t just emphasize Filipino identity, but it also highlights our vibrant typography culture.

Available in white and black, the hoodie is inspired by the design of singer Pilita Corrales’s album.

Buy the Philippine Love Songs hoodie here.

10. Godfather’s customized pair of leather shoes – made by local artisans of Marikina

Christmas gift ideas - Marikina leather shoes
Image credit: Godfather Shoes

Giving someone you love a customized pair of shoes is one of the best ways you can show how you truly know them by heart this Christmas. Thankfully, the city of Marikina has always been thriving with local shoemakers, known for creating durable and chic leather shoes. To add a fancy pair to your loved one’s closet and to support local as well, check out Marikina’s Godfather Shoes.

They personalize genuine leather shoes for men and women – having created Derek Ramsay’s leather shoes for his wedding to Ellen Adarna, for instance.  Their customization includes tailor-fit sizing, letting you design your own shoes or using their existing design, with your name written on your pair as well as on the shoebox.

Message Godfather Shoes on Facebook.

Christmas gift ideas

Giving a Christmas gift is all about the thought that goes into it. Local small businesses and online stores, as well as global brands such as IKEA, are thankfully burgeoning, so you’ll have numerous unique options to give to your friends, family, and special someone.

Here are other stores you can check out:

Cover image adapted from: Central-Craft Beverage, @vicecosmeticsph, and IKEA Philippines

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