Underground cafe in Taytay, Rizal

Visiting a cafe surrounded by greenery can give us a refreshing experience and a brief respite from our day-to-day lives. Burrow Cafe takes this even further, being located underground in a forest in Taytay, Rizal.

Its unique location and charming, rustic vibe aren’t the only things that draw diners to the cafe. To cater to different food preferences, the place serves familiar yet elevated comfort food such as burgers as well as plant-based dishes.

Located in the forest

Burrow Cafe - tunnel entrance
The entrance to the cafe
Image credit: @angelique._mae

Burrow Cafe is inside a gated subdivision but its exact location at Antipolo Beehouse is a hill surrounded by a forest. Cafe-goers need to take a short walk on a cemented path downhill and then through a tunnel down to the cafe.

Burrow Cafe - nearby stream
A stream below the cafe
Image credit: @burrowcafe.ph/@rafelizario_

If you love going on mini adventures, there’s also a stream further downhill where you can dip your toes in the water or simply take nature photos.


Burrow Cafe - forest view
The view from the cafe
Image credit: @porkkypanda

The cafe keeps its design au naturale to blend with its surroundings, with cement and red brick walls and wood accents.

Providing contrast to its rustic interiors, the chairs and tables are elegantly made with wrought iron. There are also colorful hammocks in the dining area where you can lounge as you digest your food.

Burrow Cafe’s floor-to-ceiling windows give you a great view of the area’s rich flora even if you are seated inside. The place’s flowy, white curtains also add to the enchanting feel of the cafe.

Burgers and buns

Burrow Cafe - humba buns
Humba buns
Image credit: @burrowcafe.ph

Burrow Cafe serves comfort food such as burgers but elevates these to make your trip to Taytay worth it and make the cafe experience even better.

Their chori burger (P380, ~USD7.54) is the ideal breakfast burger with the taste of chorizo (Spanish sausage) and egg. If you’re looking to taste a burst of flavor, they have the Burrow burger (P540, ~USD10.72)  with thick-cut bacon, Emmental cheese, and caramelized onions.

For an Asian fusion sandwich, you can also get Burrow Cafe’s humba buns (P150, ~USD2.98) which consist of the Visayan black bean pork belly dish, pickled veggies, and steamed Chinese bao bun.

Plant-based meals

Burrow Cafe - meatless burger
Meatless burger
Image credit: @burrowcafe.ph

Burrow Cafe also has plant-based meals so those who have dietary restrictions can best enjoy the place.

They have healthy, meatless versions of our favorite comfort fast food dishes. These include their meatless burger (P565, ~USD11.22) and no-meat taco (P420, ~USD8.34).

Burrow Cafe - truffled mushroom adlai risotto
Truffled mushroom adlai risotto
Image credit: @burrowcafe.ph/@mitchbanas

For healthier alternatives to rice dishes, you can try their curry cauli bowl (P440, ~USD8.73) and truffled mushroom adlai risotto (P550, ~USD10.92).

If you’re looking for something sweet, they also have black rice and adlai champorado (P425, ~USD8.44) or sweet chocolate porridge which you can enjoy with seasonal fruits or dried fish flakes.

Burrow Cafe is the perfect cafe destination for a breather

If you’re looking for a place to visit that’s not too far from the metro, consider Burrow Cafe in Taytay, Rizal. With its relaxing forest location and delicious, well-balanced food, you’re guaranteed to return to your normal routine feeling refreshed and energized.

To secure a table for your visit, go to Antipolo Beehouse’s website. You can also order for takeout, curbside pickup, or delivery by sending them a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Address: 113 Beverly Hills Avenue, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Taytay, Rizal
Opening hours: Wed–Fri 8AM-4PM | Sat–Sun 8AM-5PM | Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Telephone: 0917 622 9795
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