Affordable Bluetooth speakers in the Philippines

Philippine culture wouldn’t be complete without our love for music. From Filipino Tiktokers’ videos to welcoming the -Ber months with Jose Mari Chan, music is part of our daily lives. We love music so much that sometimes, just playing it from our phones isn’t enough.

We all need a good Bluetooth speaker to blast that music wherever we may go – think drowning out the rest of the world while sweeping the floor or doing your gardening. These Bluetooth speakers from P220 (~USD4.26) are sure to help you out with that.

1. Smart Touch LED Mood Lamp (P220) – colour-changing mood lamp speaker

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that a recent TikTok trend is getting lights that can turn your room any color to make some really cool videos. To get that background for your videos or selfies, you shouldn’t miss out on this speaker that also serves as a mood lamp that changes into different colors.

For a gadget that can both blast your Spotify playlist and provide colorful room lighting a la Charlie D’Amelio, get the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Smart Touch LED Mood Lamp. For only P220 (~USD4.26), this multipurpose speaker is all you need to start off your TikTok career like these famous Filipino TikTokers.

This speaker is available on Shopee.

2. Tylex Wireless Portable Handheld Bluetooth Microphone (P289) – a speaker and mic in one

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Singing has always been a fundamental part of Philippine culture. And if you’re one who’s fond of belting out the high notes to Regine Valesquez’s Dadalhin with emotions, Tylex’s Wireless Portable Handheld Bluetooth Microphone is the speaker for you. 

Not only is this a regular speaker that plays your music, but it also doubles as a microphone that you can sing into even while your music plays. Priced at only P289 (~USD5.60), customer reviews say to manage expectations on the sound quality because “what you get is what you pay for”. But they also say that this microphone speaker is a 2-in-1 experience that is worth having around.

This speaker is available on Shopee.

3. Yoobao M1 Ergonomic Design (P343) – portable with a built-in mic

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For a palm-sized speaker that you can bring along everywhere, check out Yoobao’s M1 Ergonomic Design Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

For only P343 (~USD6.64), you get a portable speaker that offers surround sound, 12-hour playtime, and a built-in microphone. It also comes with a string attached to it for you to easily carry it around wherever you go. You even get to choose from a variety of colors that match your personality, such as red, black, baby pink, or periwinkle. 

This speaker is available on Lazada.

4. Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 (P449) – palm-sized with long battery life

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a functional Bluetooth speaker tinier than Xiaomi’s Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2. Despite this speaker being no bigger than a lemon, it packs a clear sound and a 6-hour long playtime without interruption.

The price is just as friendly as its size, too, at only P449 (~USD8.69). It even comes with a strap so that you can carry the speaker around easily, attach it to your bag, or hang it off the treadmill or bike while you work out.

This speaker is available on Lazada.

5. Lumix LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker (P450) – a study desk companion

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With school making a shift to the online sphere, students have been needing plenty of things to turn their desks into productive workspaces. One of these must-haves is a good study lamp for when you’re burning the midnight oil.

If you’re in need of a lamp for your desk, the Lumix LED Lamp has a Bluetooth speaker built into it and also triples as a penholder for you to put your collection of pens and highlighters in. A 3-in-1 item from only P450 (~USD8.71) -sounds like a deal!

This speaker is available on Lazada.

6. Wiresto Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LED Alarm Clock (P609) – aids in both sleeping and getting up

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Having difficulty sleeping and getting up in the morning might sound like two opposite problems, but it’s pretty common for a person to struggle with both. And though this Wiresto Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LED Alarm Clock can’t fix everything, it can help.

This Bluetooth speaker is both an alarm clock that can jolt you awake and a speaker that you can play your podcasts and ASMR videos on for when you need help sleeping. You can even check to make sure you don’t have a bedhead in its reflective surface that acts like a mirror – all that comes for only P609 (~USD11.79).

This speaker is available on Shopee.

7. Atomic Bluetooth Speaker Retro Vinyl Record Player (P750.68) – to go with your retro aesthetic

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Most of us like to stick to an aesthetic when it comes to our personal spaces. For those looking for a speaker to go with their retro vibe, check out this Atomic Bluetooth Speaker Retro Vinyl Record Player.

Of course, an actual vinyl record player would be perfect but it’s also expensive to get and expensive to maintain for thousands of pesos. These Bluetooth speakers that look like a vinyl record player give you the same aesthetic as the real thing, but with cuter pastel colors, and for only P750.68 (~USD14.53).

This speaker is available on Lazada.

8. OontZ Angle 3 4th Gen Bluetooth Portable Speaker (P1,299) – water-resistant speakers

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Nothing beats a classic, sleek black speaker for any occasion or setting, and if you’re looking for one that won’t break the bank, check out the OontZ Angle 3 4th Gen Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

For only P1,299 (~USD25.14), this speaker is water-resistant and splash-proof so you can bring it along with you to the beachside or poolside on your vacations. You can also display it vertically if you’re saving up space on your shelf or bookcase. It also has a built-in microphone so that you can take your calls without panicking about disconnecting your device from the speaker first.

This speaker is available on Shopee.

9. JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker (P1,999) – portable high-quality speakers

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When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, JBL is one of the big names in the game. Their speakers that techies swear by because of the sound accuracy are more of an investment, costing a little more than usual speakers. However, the JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker might be something more pocket-friendly – literally and figuratively.

This cute round speaker is one of the cheapest items on the JBL catalogue, at P1,999 (~USD38.70). Aside from being waterproof and having 10 hours of playtime, it also extends into a sturdy metal carabiner or loop that you can attach to anything you want and trust that it won’t fall off. It also comes in different colors and prints, from mint green to camouflage.

This speaker is available on Lazada.

10. Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Speaker (P4,184) – customizable pixel art display

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Pixel art is something we see often these days – from the quirky patches on denim jackets to those 8-bit digital art photos with quotes that have us going, “That’s it, that’s my new life motto”. They may seem like something only the technologically adept can get into, but the Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Speaker for P4,184 (~USD81) proves otherwise.

This Bluetooth speaker, although as tiny as a Rubik’s cube, packs playtime of up to 8 hours. The unique feature of this speaker is that you can make your own pixel art on it using the controls. That means you can customize your speaker display with your favorite band’s logo, a certain shape, or your initials, and change it whenever you want to.

This speaker is available on Lazada.

Bluetooth speakers in the Philippines from P220

If you’re looking for some speakers to pump that music louder in your personal spaces, check out these ones that fit whatever budget you may have. From speakers that serve multiple purposes, portable ones that you can carry everywhere, and customizable ones, you’ll find them on this list.

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Updated by Xin Tian Koh in March 2022.

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