Tampipi bags to wear with casual outfits

In the past, early Filipinos used tampipi bags made of rattan or pandan leaves as shopping bags at wet markets and travel bags. Today, this traditional bag’s purpose is often diminished to holding gifts, although there are still some families who prefer to use them as reusable shopping bags.

To appeal to modern Filipinos, the IG shop BJCY gives tampipi bags modern twists. Their products come in trendy designs and colors so they can be worn with casual outfits and used every day.

Modern bag designs

Tampipi bags - tampipi bag designs
BJCY’s tampipi bags come in a wide variety of designs
Image adapted from: Tampipi Baskets

In the past, tampipi bags came mostly in rectangular shapes similar to today’s tote bags. This may be one of the reasons why they weren’t very versatile.

To make their tampipi bags more wearable, BJCY doesn’t only make tampipi tote bags. They have tampipi backpacks, handbags, clutch purses, and laptop cases too.

tampipi bags- julia tampipi sling bag
The shop also has sling bags which are perfect for quick errands
Image credit: Tampipi Baskets

For people who are more into smaller bags for quick errands, the shop also offers tampipi sling bags and belt bags that can easily be worn with streetwear.

These are made from plastic strips so they’re sure to last you longer than regular bayongs.

Insulated picnic baskets

tampipi bags - insulated tampipi basket 1Their small, insulated picnic baskets make the perfect event souvenirs
Image credit: Tampipi Baskets

Besides everyday bags, BJCY also sells insulated tampipi baskets that are perfect for picnics. These can keep your food hot or cold so you can best enjoy your meal outdoors. You can even bring a bottle of wine in a matching tampipi wine basket to your picnic.

The shop also has smaller lunch baskets so you can conveniently bring a homemade lunch to work. For families with kids who love to travel or take strolls but constantly need to carry emergency snacks and drinks, they also have insulated snack baskets you can carry.

Their insulated tampipi basket products’ convenience doesn’t stop there, too. These can also be washed easily so they can always be ready for your next outing.

Available in trendy colors

Tampipi bags - insulated tampipi basket
BJCY’s insulated
tampipi baskets come in different pastel colors
Image credit: Tampipi Baskets

BJCY’s bags come in an array of colors, which is another thing that makes their products more wearable and unique from traditional tampipi bags.

They have bags in trendy pastel colors and neutrals such as white, black, gray, and rose gold brown. If you want your bag to appear more decorated, BJCY also has two-toned bags.

Tampipi Bags - army collection
The Alice and Heartbeat bags are only 2 of the bags from BJCY’s ARMY collection
Image credit: Tampipi Baskets

For BTS fans who are titas or titas at heart, the shop recently launched their ARMY collection – tampipi bags in the color periwinkle which is in the same color family as the K-pop boy group’s official color, purple.

How to get BJCY’s tampipi bags and baskets

how to order
How to order from BJCY

Image credit: @insulated_tampipi_baskets

Metro Manila residents can place their orders through BJCY’s Instagram. For detailed instructions on how to order, check out the shop’s “How To Order” Instagram highlights. You can also shoot them a message about their products on Instagram or Facebook.

For a quick and convenient checkout, you can also get BJCY’s tampipi bags and baskets from Shopee.

BJCY makes tampipi bags on-trend

As we are easily introduced to new ideas and products through the Internet, we can also forget aspects of traditional Filipino culture just as quickly. Since our lifestyles have changed, we may also find traditional items inconvenient and out of style.

Thankfully, it’s also through the Internet that we get to know local businesses such as BJCY that aim to make traditional items relevant again. They take time to tweak these items’ form and function so they can be successfully reintroduced to modern Filipinos.

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Cover image adapted from: Tampipi Baskets and Tampipi Baskets


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