Cafes in and near Baguio with the best views

Tucked in the mountainous hills of the far North, Baguio has always been the go-to destination for Filipinos seeking a slower pace of life. After all, surrounded by forests of pines and pillows of clouds, it’s far removed from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

And naturally, the cafes with the most tranquil ambiences can be found in and near Baguio. From Cafe in the Sky to Read and Brew, we list down 6 Baguio cafes offering the most breathtaking views of the City of Pines.

1. Cafe in the Sky – for a panoramic view of Baguio

Baguio cafes - Cafe in the Sky
Image credit: aljo fabro

Tucked on top of Benguet’s highest peaks, Cafe in the Sky is the cafe to go for an epic, panoramic view of all of Baguio. From the outside, the cafe looks like a plain white house. Step in to be transported to a rustic, old lodge, with its furniture made up of strong lumber and fixtures etched with traditional Cordilleran art.

Baguio cafes - Cafe in the Sky
Image adapted from: Rubie Borbon

Their menu offers nothing out of the ordinary, but we recommend their Sky Omelette (P190, ~USD3.93) – a combination of bacon, cheese, ham, bell pepper, tomato, and onions – and Swiss Miss (P70, ~USD1.45) to make your meal in sync with the sky experience.

Baguio cafes - Cafe in the Sky
Image adapted from: An Quach 

Address: Sto. Tomas, Mt. Cabuyao Road, Tuba 2603, Benguet
Opening hours: Daily, 6AM-6PM
Telephone: (074) 423-1855,  0919 675 6767

2. Vanilla Cafe Baguio – doll house inside Kamiseta Hotel

Baguio cafes - Vanilla Cafe Baguio
Image credit: Kamiseta Hotel

Vanilla Cafe Baguio, tucked inside the French-inspired Kamiseta Hotel surrounded by deep green foliage, is a hidden dollhouse dream. It’s unapologetically cute and feminine, its interiors are splashed in floral wallpapers, chandeliers befitting of a princess, and plush couches embellished with pretty patterns. 

Baguio cafes - Vanilla Cafe Baguio
Image credit: Kamiseta Hotel 

Grand setting aside, it also doesn’t fail to enrich its menu with a variety of offerings. Aside from its coffee, it has a wide selection of beverages and their meals can be good for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Matcha lovers would love their Skinny Matcha Green Tea Vanillatte (P228, ~USD4.71), and pairing this up with one of their main entrees, such as the Country Style Grilled Pork Belly (P318, ~USD6.57) will leave you satisfied with the whole Vanilla Cafe experience.

Baguio cafes - Vanilla Cafe Baguio
Image credit:

Address: #20 Villamor St., Brgy. Lualhati 2600, Baguio City, Benguet
Telephone: (74)442-4613

3. Arca’s Yard – homey cafe at Ambuklao Road

Baguio cafes - Arca's Yard
Image credit: On The Way

Arca’s Yard blurs the line between a home and a restaurant. Situated on the elevated terrain of Ambuklao Road, it’s a three-story high cafe embellished with fixtures of a rustic home and a natural light passing through its windows you’d want to curl up with a cup of coffee. 

It’s also a cafe with the bookworm in mind – there’s a mini library located at the cafe’s ground floor. Here, you can cozy up with your reading and their unique Camote Ice Cream (P95, ~USD1.96) partnered with the Japanese Salmon Teppanyaki (P400, ~USD8.26), a pan-fried pink salmon drizzled with unagi sauce.

Baguio cafes - Arca's Yard
Image credit: @perlysheil

Address: 777 Tiptop City Limit, Ambuklao Road, Baguio 2600, Benguet
Opening hours: 9AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: (074) 442-9706, 0929 325 1868

4. Cafe Sabel – located inside BenCab’s museum

Baguio cafes - Cafe Sabel
Image credit: Joy de Jesus 

Inspired by National Artist Benedicto Cabrera’s muse, Cafe Sabel is a little cafe inside the BenCab Museum overlooking a forest and a duck pond. Along with these soothing views, it offers an extensive selection of healthy food – for a very local experience, their Suman with Latik (P100, ~USD2.06) and signature coffee blend sourced from BenCab’s organic farm, BenCab’s Brew (P80, ~USD1.65), are must-tries. 

Baguio cafes - Cafe Sabel
Image credit: @sithcies

Address:  Km. 6 Asin Road, Brgy. Tadiangan, Tuba 2603, Benguet
Opening hours: TuesSun 9AM-6PM
Contact: (074) 442 7165

5. Read and Brew – for bookworms and coffee lovers

Baguio cafes - Read and Brew
Image adapted from: Kid Carter Wagang 

A cozy haven for coffee-lovers and bookworms alike, Read and Brew has an extensive selection of books from contemporary literature to classics that readers can enjoy pulling out and reading inside while sipping their coffee.

Baguio cafes - Read and Brew
Image credit: ted e.b. 

The cafe affords a grand view of the Baguio Cathedral, so you can sometimes enjoy the Read and Brew experience with the sound of the cathedral’s bells. We recommend their Keto Bomb Coffee (P185, ~USD3.82) for a fancy, low carbohydrate beverage made up of grass-fed butter, vegetable-heavy whip cream, and dark unsweetened cacao powder. 

Address: Porta Vaga Mall Parking, Baguio 2600, Benguet
Opening hours: Mon–Thu 9AM-6PM | FriSun 9AM-7PM
Telephone: (074) 619-1428

6. Sinner or Saint Cafe – offers guilty pleasures and also guilt-free food

Baguio cafes - Sinner or SaintImage credit: Sinner or Saint Cafe Main

A few minutes away from Baguio, Sinner or Saint Cafe is tucked on top of the hills of La Trinidad, Benguet. If you fancy a short trip away from the touristy City of Pines, come here for an equally breathtaking view of the hills of the far North.

Baguio cafes - Sinner or SaintImage credit: Sinner or Saint Cafe Main 

It lives by its playful name through its menu, offering guilty pleasures and also guilt-free food. Desserts such as cakes or ice cream are offered under the sinner category, while the saint category is curated with organic vegetables. You’ll dine inside a house-like interior splashed with hues of brown and gray. At night, the lights are turned on to add a touch of romance. 

The Benguet Style Shawarma (P130, ~USD2.68) is one of their unique dishes, filling their whole wheat of pita bread with pork kinuday (smoked meat) instead of stuffed grilled meat. For your coffee fix, try their combination of two popular variants of coffee around the world in the Vietnamese Arabica Coffee Drip (P59, ~USD1.22).

Address: # FA 330 R.L. Totanes Bldg. KM 3 La Trinidad 2601, Benguet
Opening hours: 9AM-7PM, Daily
Phone:  0915 150 9607

Baguio cafes with relaxing views

Nestled amidst the mountainous hills, these cafes in and near Baguio know just what visitors ache for: a quiet respite away from it all, embraced by the scents of pine and a good cup of coffee. 

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