Tiktoker Arshie Larga raises ~P100,000

Tiktok has made getting an audience easier for many content creators. Some of them, grateful for the opportunities they receive there, give back.

25-year old TikToker and pharmacist Arshie Larga, or @arshielife, was recently able to raise P99,998.92 on GCash and P43,343.44 on PayPal from his supporters to be used for his dream medical mission.

However, since that’s not possible due to the pandemic, the content creator has used the money to get boxes of medicines to put together Covid-19 care kits. He plans to give these to indigent families in his hometown in Boac, Marinduque.

According to Larga, people started sending him money through GCash after seeing that he’d used his Christmas money to help people get all of the medicines they needed from his family’s small pharmacy.

Covid-19 care kits

Arshie Larga - Covid-19 care kit
The contents of Larga’s Covid care kits
Image credit: @arshielife

Larga’s Covid-19 care kits will contain fever, cough, and cold medicines, oral rehydration salts,  as well as vitamins for kids and adults. A thermometer and face masks will also be included to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Each kit will also have a printed guide on what the medicines are for and how to take them.

Larga revealed that his purchases for the Covid-19 care kits cost around ~P44,680 (USD869.90), which gained him praise from netizens for his transparency.

Netizens dubbed him “DOH Secretary”

Video credit: Arshie Larga

Many Twitter and Tiktok users call Larga the “Department of Health (DOH) secretary”. This is because the young pharmacist is always early to debunk vaccine myths and correct misconceptions about medicine through his TikToks. He explains medicine facts in Filipino to easily get his message across to the masses.

Some of his viral, informative TikToks include his video on the controversial Ivermectin and his video where he explained that generic medicines are just as effective as branded ones.

Arshie Larga thanks followers for donations

Larga credited the people who helped him raise money for the Covid-19 care kits. In one of his recent TikToks, he said, “Maraming maraming salamat po. Umaapaw talaga [ang pasasalamat ko]. Sobrang daming tao ang sobrang generous.” (“Thank you so, so much. I am overflowing with gratitude. There are so many generous people.”)

He assured his followers that the money left will be used to help more people. Part of the remaining sum will also be used to help customers at his family’s pharmacy who are short of money for medicine.

However, Larga also warned his supporters of scammers who ask for donations on his behalf. He stressed that he is not, in any way, soliciting donations.

We hope he will be able to conduct his medical mission and help many more people in need soon!

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Cover image adapted from: @arshiethromycin and @arshielife 


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