Southern Delta Aquarid to light up Philippine skies

Celestial lovers have a lot to look upwards in the coming weeks, as aside from the Comet Neowise, the Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower will grace the Philippine skies from July 28th to 31st, according to PAG-ASA. 

Meteor showers are best viewed from July 28 to 31

Meteor shower PAG-ASA - Delta AquaridImage credit: PAG-ASA

Take your cameras and look up, as the meteor shower will illuminate our skies from July 28 to 31. In fact, the Delta Aquarid meteor shower has been active since mid-July and remains visible until late August, but is estimated to peak before midnight on July 28 and on July 29th and 30th, when it is more visible. 

Meteor shower PAG-ASA - Delta AquaridA mock-up of the stars and meteor activity we’ll be able to see on 29 July 2020 if weather is good
Image credit: PAG-ASA 

Filipinos can expect to see 15 meteors per hour under good sky conditions.

Shooting stars are visible with the naked eye

Fortunately, we won’t need any telescope, binoculars, or a high mountain to enjoy the sights of these meteor showers, as explained by NASA. They will be visible to the naked eye or with a regular phone camera.

Meteor shower PAG-ASA - Lyrid meteor shower April 2020
An image of the April 2020 Lyrid meteor shower that was also visible in the Philippines
Image credit: Steve Elliott

To best view this natural phenomenon, look at the open sky away from city or street lights as they can obstruct our view of the meteors. As there will be a half-moon in the Philippine sky at the time, this may partly affect visibility of the showers as well. 

Meteor showers to light up Philippine sky in late July 

If you have time and a good star-gazing spot, catch a view of these shooting stars. But if you miss out on this shower, don’t be disappointed as there will be two more visible from the Philippines this year – the Perseids and Draconids

Let’s hope the sight is a sign of brighter days ahead after this pandemic is all over. 

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