Donors donate RM1 million to Zoo Negara

Funds for Zoo Negara
Malaysians make generous donations for 4,000 animals at Zoo Negara.
Image adapted from: @zoonegara_malaysia

Zoo Negara has been suffering immensely under Movement Control Order (MCO), with ticket sales down to nil with its doors now shut. This has caused a lack of funds to help care for its occupants, which has been worrying many Malaysians who love animals and grew up visiting the zoo. 

But animal lovers can now wipe that sweat off their brows, as Zoo Negara reported on 14th April 2020 that they’ve received RM1 million in donations from 20,000 individuals, which includes many Malaysian students and even those from abroad. 

Love for animals shown from Malaysia to the USA

Malayan tiger at Zoo NegaraMalayan tiger at Zoo Negara.
Image credit: @zoonegara_malaysia

Anyone with a furkid knows how much goes into caring for an animal, with food, veterinary care and hygiene to take into consideration. That amount is obviously multiplied immensely when you have an entire zoo to take care of.

According to a report by Free Malaysia Today, Zoo Negara requires about RM350,000/month – or RM12,000/day – to feed the animals alone. But thanks to the launch of their fun adoption programme, they’ve managed to raise over RM1 million for the zoo’s operations. 

About 20,000 individuals made donations to the programme, and these comprised individuals from a myriad of backgrounds. 

Animals for adoption
The programme lets you adopt adorable animals such as Yiyi the panda and Sibol the elephant. You’ll also get an adoption certificate, merch, and tickets to the zoo for when it reopens.
Image adapted from: Zoo Negara & Zoo Negara

The donors included students from both Malaysia and abroad, as well as people from the USA, Italy and China, just to name a few. Most of them contributed between RM10-RM50 each, but a bank graciously donated a whopping RM30,000. An unnamed person also contributed RM3,000 to the fund – the highest received from an individual.

Orang utan at zoo negara
You can also adopt orang-utans to help save the apes.
Image credit: @zoonegara_malaysia

Donations to keep animals cared for in Zoo Negara

Many Malaysians probably recall going to Zoo Negara when they were younger, which has been making many come out to support these animals. With added news of a Malayan tiger in New York City contracting COVID-19, Malaysians have gone the extra mile by donating money even in dire times so that all animals can be kept safe and healthy during MCO too. 

You can make a donation to Zoo Negara here.

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