Motorcyclists help woman stranded on highway

Malaysians are no strangers to spending long hours stuck in traffic jams. Needless to say, no motorist wants to be on the road longer than expected due to unpredicted circumstances.

This young woman, for example, found one of her car tyres punctured while on a busy highway during peak buka puasa rush hour. Thankfully, three motorcyclists saw her distress and came to her rescue, despite none of them knowing one another

They did not know one another

On 28th April 2022, netizen Tiffany Soong took to her Facebook page to recount an incident that had taken place earlier that evening, around 7PM when roads were heavily congested.

She had been stuck in traffic on the way home to Johor after a long day at work, when she found that one of her car tyres was flat. In a panic, she tried calling the PLUS hotline for help, but to no avail.

With no immediate source of help or idea of what to do next, Tiffany understandably burst into tears.

help woman - change tyreImage credit: Tiffany Soong

Just when all hope seemed lost, three motorcyclists approached her, asking if she needed help.

Tiffany admitted that she was initially skeptical, as she had heard stories of roadside scammers. However, once she explained her predicament to them, they helped her move her car and got to work with a spare tyre immediately.

They even chatted with her as they worked. This was when Tiffany found out that none of them were acquainted with one another.

As quoted by one of the motorcyclists, “We aren’t friends. His motorcycle had run out of fuel, so I stopped to help him. Then, we noticed that his [the third guy] motorcycle needed fuel as well, so we helped him out. It was then when we noticed you, a woman all alone by the side of the road. We felt pity so we came over to see if we could help you as well”.

Overwhelmed by gratitude, Tiffany thanked the three men for reminding her that there are still a lot of kindness in people, and for showing that there is still hope in the world.

Netizens reaction towards the incident

The wholesome story had amassed a lot of love from netizens since it was shared, with over 17,000 likes, 5,000 shares, and 400 comments.

Netizens were united in praise of the three men’s good intentions of helping a stranded woman out without any intentions for a reward, especially in the midst of the buka puasa hour.

Woman stranded on highway - comment
Image credit: Tiffany Soong

Netizen Ong Leong, for one, voiced his pride in the men, calling them true Anak Malaysia.

Woman stranded on highway - comment
Image credit: Tiffany Soong

A few others even shared similar experiences of receiving timely help from kind-hearted strangers, and expressed their gratitude for them – this include Shu Juan, who shared that they had a similar story.

Woman stranded on highway - comment
Image credit: Tiffany Soong

Ivan Anthony complimented the boys and other kind souls out there who have helped another in need, and wished them a Selamat Hari Raya.

Kind souls that inspire us all

There are countless stories of Malaysians uniting to help each other out in times of distress like this. Nonetheless, we continue to be inspired by them as they help restore our faith in humanity.

Kudos to the three kind men who lent each other and the woman a helping hand. We hope that their example, as well as many others, will encourage us to continue looking out for one another.

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Cover image adapted from: Tiffany Soong & (for illustration purposes only) Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee / Unsplash

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