Woman alarms workers after falling asleep at PPV

The vaccination process comprises several steps that requires a round of sitting and waiting. One such step is the observation area, where vaccination candidates have to rest to ensure they don’t have immediate side effects after getting vaccinated.

Instead of just sitting around aimlessly, however, a woman fell asleep in the observation area after getting jabbed. The tale comes with a cautionary twist, as she shared her embarrassment when staff members at the vaccination centre (PPV) rushed to assist her after finding her knocked out in her seat.

False alarm after woman falls asleep in observation area

On 21st July 2021, netizen Elsa Yap took to Facebook to share her Covid-19 vaccination story, which she recalls with playful embarrassment. According to it, she had fallen asleep at the waiting area, or observation area of the PPV, after receiving her vaccine jab.

A photo she shared in good nature of herself showed her slouched in a chair there, looking comfortably asleep, with her head thrown back.

Woman falls asleep at vaccination centre - photo
Image credit: Elsa Yap 

As there are always helpful volunteers walking around the halls of vaccination centres to assist individuals with questions or concerns, staff members had rushed to her side to assist her, Yap recalls. This is because they initially believed that she had not reacted well to the vaccine jab – and in the worst-case scenario, that she had possibly died in reaction to it.

However, this is not the case, as she was simply asleep when they found her. Yap also included several hashtags on her Facebook post, telling the public that the story is for pure entertainment and to not spread fake news – because the only immediate side effect she had from getting vaccinated was a case of drowsiness.

She also added captions to the photo of herself, which can be translated from Chinese to English as, “She didn’t suddenly die, she’s only sleeping deeply!” to further clarify her story.

Netizens amused by modern-day ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Netizens were thoroughly amused with Yap’s account at the vaccination centre, with 700 reactions amassed on her Facebook post at the time of writing.

One Facebook user commented, “Hahaha, your vaccine side effect came really quickly!”

Woman falls asleep at vaccination centre - comment
Image credit: Facebook

Another called her a “modern-day sleeping beauty” – presumably to reference how she could fall asleep so deeply amidst the hustle and bustle of the PPV.

Woman falls asleep at vaccination centre - comment
Image credit: Facebook

Some also joked that they wanted to know which vaccine brand she got that was able to knock her out so soundly.

Woman falls asleep at vaccination centre - comment
Image credit: Facebook

Woman falling asleep at PPV has workers rushing to assist her

Vaccination centres are typically air-conditioned, with facilities to ensure that individuals getting vaccinated can be as comfortable as possible during their appointments.

So we don’t blame Yap for falling soundly asleep after getting her vaccine dose in the observation area – which many can probably relate to while waiting to leave the PPV post-jab.

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Cover image adapted from: Elsa Yap and @MITEC_MY

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