Malaysian woman cycles with a gas canister

An average cooking gas canister weighs around 14.2kg. It’s definitely no easy feat for an average Malaysian man or woman to lift one up, much less transport it from point A to B without help. 

A Malaysian woman, however, was caught on video cycling with a cooking gas canister in her basket. The impressive video went viral on Twitter with more than 13K retweets at the time of writing because it looked as if she was doing it without any struggle at all.

Her bike ride was recorded on video with a funny narration

woman cycling gas canister
Image credit: @bahi_zone

Netizen @bahi_zone posted a 19-second video clip recording of the woman cycling breezily with the caption, “Kau mampu ke bawak tong gas naik beskal. Kakak ni hati kering tauuuu. Tengok sampai habis” (Do you think you can transport a gas canister using a bicycle? This lady doesn’t even seem to be thinking much of it. Watch till the end).

woman cycling gas canister
Image credit: @bahi_zone

The video was also hilariously narrated by the person recording the scene who repeatedly exclaimed “Wow!” in amazement. At one point, the recorder alarmingly shrieked “Stop!” upon watching the woman almost colliding with a car. Thankfully, she escaped unscathed and no one was hurt in the making of the video.

Netizens were impressed with her agility 

woman cycling gas canister
Image credit: @izzatamirul97

Just like the video creator, many netizens were impressed with the cyclist’s strength and agility. They weren’t hesitant to convey their admiration, such as user @izzatamirul97 who tweeted that even he and his brother found it challenging to transport a gas canister using a motorbike the other day, and added humorously in Malay, “This lady is a legend.” 

woman cycling gas canister
Image credit: @Adzan_Shah

Meanwhile, the lady in the video made not just the women proud, but men, too. Twitter user @Adzan_Shah joked that she was living proof that women are independent without having to rely on men.


woman cycling gas canister
Image credit: @arep_lat

Apparently, women transporting gas canisters is a normal occurrence in Sabah. @arep_lat mentioned that he’d come across an aunty walking up a hill in Kundasang while carrying a gas canister on her back as if it were a backpack. He even attributed Sabahans’ longer life expectancy to their feats of strength.

Sabahans reading this article who think so too: feel free to weigh in. 

woman cycling gas canister
Image credit: @nfyqv

Some netizens also tweeted that the video wouldn’t be half as entertaining without the narration, as agreed by @nfyqv who said that she was amused by the recorder’s comments and tone of voice.

Let’s stay safe if we have to transport things on bicycle

The video’s intent may have started off light-hearted to show the cyclist’s impressive feat, but some netizens have also commented that it is important to practice road safety regardless of the type of transport one uses. 

The part showing her almost colliding with a car had many viewers worried, so let’s keep in mind to prioritise safety and to always be aware of our surroundings.

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