Malaysians List Out Things Our Country Has Done Right, Besides Food, In Wholesome Reddit Thread

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Wholesome Reddit thread of things M’sia has done right

The year 2020 has pushed many nations to the edge of crisis and tested the capabilities and competence of politicians and leaders worldwide. Some countries excelled in their strategies, others not so much. Every country has its fair share of problems and merits, both of which deserve their own scrutiny and praises.

A particular Reddit thread had Malaysians discussing and analysing what our homeland has done right in a range of different areas. Some answers such as food were expected, while other responses sparked a debate.

Healthcare and highways make the list

The thread was posted by Reddit user u/OriMoriNotSori on 20th December. Their question was simple, “What are some of the things our country has done right?” and a number of Malaysian users chimed in with their opinions.

u/OriMoriNotSori reddit threadImage credit: u/OriMoriNotSori

One of them was u/runeofrose who cited our healthcare system as something she feels the country has done right. She detailed how she went to a public hospital for her routine check-ups when she was pregnant, and the care that she received when she gave birth. In particular, she commented on how she was well-taken care of and how her supplements, consultations, and other medical equipment were all free of charge.

In fact, her bill only came up to RM80 after she was discharged. Even when she had to be readmitted to the hospital for a medical complication, her bill was below RM200.

However, she did add that the downside to receiving affordable healthcare from a public hospital is the long waiting time due to the huge amount of people the system serves every day.

u/runeofrose comment
Image credit: u/runeofrose

Meanwhile, u/picaros420 expressed that our highways are some of the absolute best in the world – the North-South Expressway being a prime example. His response received both agreements and disagreements, with some saying that although our main highways are of an acceptable standard, there is still room for improvement, especially in East Malaysia.
picaros420 comment
Image credit: u/picaros420

UTC and biometric passport are among things Malaysians are proud of

Other than our healthcare and highways, Malaysians seem to be happy about other lesser-known things, too. One of them is apparently our Urban Transformation Centre (UTC), as pointed out by Redditor u/KalatiakCicak.

UTC is a government initiative with a branch in every state that provides urban Malaysians with government services under one roof. You can register your business, renew your road tax, enquire about student loans, and more at the same place, which saves you the trouble of having to go to the trouble of finding which institution you need to approach for vastly different matters.

KalatiakCicak commentImage credit: u/KalatiakCicak

u/OriMoriNotSori also noted that another impressive thing that Malaysia has pioneered is our biometric passports. In fact, Malaysia was the first country in the world to implement the technology back in 1998.

u/OriMoriNotSori reply
Image credit: u/OriMoriNotSori

Wholesome Reddit thread prompts Malaysians to view our country more positively

Negative bias is unfortunately, a human psychological flaw. Which is why it’s such a wholesome and refreshing sight to come across people who choose to be grateful and to perceive things from a brighter point of view.

2020 has left many of us knackered and defeated, so here’s to bringing only positive energy into the new year and to give thanks for the blessings that we still have.

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