DIY wheelchairs for disabled pets

wheelchairs for pets
Wheelchairs for disabled pets.
Image adapted from: @dogwheelchairmalaysia and Dog Wheelchair Malaysia

When Che Wey and his wife, Yee Leng adopted disabled dog Frosty from a local shelter in 2017, they racked their brains over how to help their new pooch walk properly without having to drag its back legs on the ground, causing painful lesions.

That’s how they founded Dog Wheelchair Malaysia,  and started to design and build affordable wheelchairs for disabled pets. Even without any prior knowledge of building wheelchairs for dogs, they successfully produced their first wheelchair for Frosty after a month of hits and misses.

And it only cost them less than RM500 to build, as they used only common and easily sourced materials such as PVC pipes and cloth with padding.

Disabled pets’ pictures will make you go “aww”

Since then, the couple has built wheelchairs for many other pets across Malaysia in need of some mobility help.

Here are some heartwarming pictures of pets showing off their customised wheelchairs that’ll melt your heart.

Lucky is having a ball running around in his wheelchair.

wheelchairs for dogs
Image credit: Dog Wheelchair Malaysia 

And Louie is proudly showing off his new set of wheels.

wheelchair for dogs
Image credit: Dog Wheelchair Malaysia

Rebecca grins ear to ear as she is able to run around again. 

wheelchair for dogs
Image credit: Dog Wheelchair Malaysia

Receiving only praise and approval from M’sians

The couple’s customers couldn’t be happier with the products they have received.

Many of them have taken to Dog Wheelchair Malaysia’s Facebook page to post about how happy and comfortable their pets are while using their customised wheelchairs. 

Facebook user Jasmine Ooi included a picture of her beloved rescue Oreo, who was out with her on a run using his wheelchair. 

wheelchair for dogs
Image adapted from: Jasmine Ooi

Another pet owner, Aarin Tan, praised the couple’s professionalism and ability to make a customised wheelchair for her beloved cat. 

wheelchair for cats
Image adapted from: Aarin Tan

Facebook user Chinar Joshi shared his glowing review, praising Dog Wheelchair Malaysia for their friendliness and how they have helped his pet greatly by helping him walk again. 

wheelchair for dogs
Image adapted from: Chinar Joshi

Charitable campaign

Besides building wheelchairs for disabled pets, in 2018, the couple also launched another project that helps shelters who are housing disabled animals, which is still ongoing today. T-shirts embossed with the Dog Wheelchair Malaysia logo are sold to the public and, with every 50 T-shirts bought, 1 wheelchair will be donated to a local shelter

With all that’s going on in the world these past few weeks, it’s nice to hear touching news like this to lift our spirits. 

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