Pusheen the Cat merch at Watsons Malaysia

 It’s safe to say that Malaysians’ love for animals goes far beyond our furry friends. Throw in adorable merch of famous cats and dogs on the internet, and we won’t hesitate to rush out to get our hands on them. 

Cue Watsons Malaysia’s adorable new line of Pusheen the Cat merchandise. This cuddly, animated grey cat who took the internet by storm with GIFs is teaming up with Watsons for 10 limited edition merch items exclusive to Malaysia – some with a 50% discount. And they include everything you’d need to work from home – from calendars and cardholders for those with a 9-5, as well as personal mini cookers for small households to whip up a lunch. 

Exclusive items for Watsons members

Watsons Pusheen Merch
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If you’re one who spends time browsing through beauty aisles at Watsons like how you’d shop for clothes, chances are you have a membership card with them. And if you do, you’ll be glad to know that there are exclusive Pusheen the Cat merch items just for Watsons members that you can get in stores now. 

It includes an adorable 2021 Pusheen Calendar (RM5) that comes with images of Pusheen and her just-as-cuddly cat friends on every page. Included as well is a sticker sheet for special occasions, with “Happy Diwali” and “Happy New Year” stickers to peel off alongside images of Pusheen in various poses that you can use to personalise your calendar with.  

Watsons Pusheen Merch - Calendar
Pusheen calendar and sticker sheet from Watsons
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This is a purchase-with-purchase (PWP) item, which means it’s only available if you purchase items from 31 participating brands at Watsons. But it includes well-known beauty brands such as Hada Labo, Cetaphil, and Wardah, and household brands Oral B, Sunsilk, Dove, and Watsons’ own in-house brand, so it won’t be too difficult to find something to buy to get this calendar. 

There’s no minimum purchase to get this deal either. But spend more than RM80 in a single receipt and you’ll get a free Pusheen paper bag to store all your newly bought goodies. 

Those who have yet to sign up for a membership card can consider doing so on 1st December 2020, which is when you can score a limited edition membership card (RM25) with Pusheen the Cat on it. It also works conveniently as a Touch ‘n Go card, and comes with 3 collectible Pusheen postcards.

Watsons Pusheen Merch - Pusheen banners
There’ll be Pusheen banners around the store to let you know which brands are part of the deal
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Other pastel-themed Pusheen the Cat merch

Those who’re not a Watsons member won’t have to sit this out. You can still get 8 other adorable Pusheen merch items now with 50% discounts, with purchases from the same abovementioned brands. It includes items for travel and leisure, such as pretty-in-pastel waterproof Pusheen Overnighter Bags (RM32.90/each), which can each be folded up into a compact pouch to store away. 

But those with a 9-5 can also find something to take home too, with a cute Pusheen Card Holder (RM15.90) in pink or beige that comes with a zipper so all your cards can stay safely kept in place. 

Watsons Pusheen Merch
Overnighter Bags and card holder
Image adapted from: @watsonsmy

If you find yourself using your phone to Netflix the weekend away, get the Pusheen Foldable Handphone Stand (RM16.90) in pink or white and with different Pusheen images. These nifty stands even have a mirror on the back for quick make-up retouches. 

Watsons Pusheen Merch - Phone Stand
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Not to be missed out on is their Pusheen Mini Cooker (RM79.90) in blue-green or pink with Pusheen adorning the front of this personal hot pot.  

While slightly steep in price compared to the other merch, this mini cooker with simple functions is able to whip up quick meals such as porridge, oden bowls, and ramen. This will come in handy for those late-night suppers, or if you’re a busy bee who often resorts to snack times to fuel up.

There’s also Pusheen Mug Bowl (RM23.90/900ml) that comes with a cover and image of Pusheen slurping up noodles. Pair this up with Pusheen Placemats (RM13.90/2pcs), with options of Pusheen with a mermaid’s tail or in her original, adorably round form, and a Pusheen Utensil Pouch (RM18.90) that comes with chopsticks, a spoon, a fork, a straw, and a straw brush cleaner. 

Watsons Pusheen Merch - Cooker
Whip up quick meals with Watsons’ Pusheen Mini Cooker
Video credit: @watsonsmy

Other items to grab from this collab are Pusheen Water Tumblers (RM16.90/800ml) in shades of blue and pink too. These fun bottles also come with a reusable straw. 

But while fun Pusheen images will already keep you company while you stay hydrating with these tumblers, they also have a inner wall filled with fluffy balls and confetti that move around whenever you take a sip. 

Watsons Pusheen Merch - Tumblers
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Watsons themes up with Pusheen the Cat for limited edition merch

We all know and love Pusheen the Cat for her lazy and human-like qualities that we relate to all too well. This is why we’re excited about these limited edition Pusheen merch from Watsons that has everything from bags to tumblers and mini cookers that’s an adorable addition to our work or daily lives. 

You’ll want to head to your nearest Watsons to check these out for yourself as they are sold on a while-stocks-last basis. Or you can opt to shop at Watsons’ online store here as well. 

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