Food-inspired bags for Malaysian fashionistas

Food-inspired bags for Malaysians fashion forwards
Food-inspired bags from WAn’s Handmade
Image adapted from: @wans_handmade & @wans_handmade

Malaysians take their food seriously. But just how seriously we do never fails to surprise our fellow countrymen. Take the artist who spruced up his sneakers with a Gardenia-inspired design during the Movement Control Order (MCO) to reflect our love for bread, for example.

Now, a fashion label from Batu Pahat, Johor – WAn’s Handmade – has joined the food-is-fashion bandwagon. They’ve been incorporating our favourite snacks, such as Hup Seng Crackers and Gardenia, into the design of their bags, which are entirely handmade. And it’s helping redefine the phrase “let’s get this bread” as we can now literally store our “bread” in these bread-inspired bags.

Customisable food-inspired bags from WAn’s Handmade

Food-inspired Gardenia bag
These food-inspired bags are part of WAn’s Handmade “Plastic Reborn Project” that aims to reuse plastic packaging.
Image credit: @wans.handmade

It’s safe to say that Gardenia bread and Hup Seng crackers are household staples for Malaysians even before there was such a thing called the MCO. Much like rice, many of us stock up on these foods before they run out as they make for an easy breakfast and in-between-meals snack.

So if you’re looking to commemorate your love for these household food staples, WAn’s Handmade’s has food-inspired bags from RM79 – featuring the iconic Gardenia bread packaging, among other fun designs.

While the familiar stripes on Gardenia bread’s packaging gets a facelift with a trendy gingham print on this fashion-forward bag, there are parts of the design that come from the actual bread’s packaging. WAn’s Handmade carefully washes and recycles the plastic packaging to fit into the front of the bag – which is a totally creative way to reuse plastic and reduce waste.

Gardenia food-inspired bag
Look closely and you’ll see the expiration tag of Gardenia breads incorporated into the front of the bag too
Image credit: @wans.handmade

And it’s not the first time WAn’s Handmade has come up with such a fun and out-of-the-box design. Back in 2019, they customised a Massimo version that included a creative bread expiration tag to commemorate special anniversary days – perfect for those looking for a unique gift for their partners.

Image credit: @wans.handmade

And it’s not just bread packaging that’s getting a fashion facelift. WAn’s Handmade has Hup Seng Cream Crackers bags that’s also part of their Plastic Reborn Project. This fun bag also uses a carefully recycled Hup Seng Cream Cracker packaging, and even comes with removable straps so you can choose to use it as a clutch, handbag, or crossbody bag.

Hup seng
This bag’s design is a nod to Hup Seng, which has a factory based in Batu Pahat.
Image adapted from: @wans.handmade

You can also find a Mini Messenger Bag version of these Hup Seng bags – available for preorder now – that’s perfect for Hypebeasts. It’s a cosy, life-sized version of those 3-biscuit-packets of Hup Seng Cream Crackers we all know and love.

Image credit: @wans.handmade

If that’s not enough, WAn’s Handmade has even more customised bags that feature other familiar snack designs, including Mister Potato, Lays, and Lexus packagings too.

Mister Potato and Lexus
Image credit: @wans.handmade & @wans.handmade

WAn’s Handmade’s creative bags that reuses plastic packaging

Malaysians love for food has truly reached the next level with these fashionable bags. A Facebook post that WAn’s Handmade shared of one of their many creative bags has seen a whopping 4,000 shares and 1,000 reactions at the time of writing, with some netizens even commenting on the post to request for Milo packaging bags too.

So if you’re looking for gift ideas for someone, or just want to score one of these creative bags for yourself, hit up WAn’s Handmade’s Facebook page and send them a DM to find out more about their food-themed bags.

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