Restaurant waiter returns gold ring to owner

With how often many of us make a trip out to restaurants for food when we’re feeling hunger pangs, we’re not immune to leaving behind odds and ends – tissue paper packets and bottles of hand sanitisers are some of the things we typically forget after we’re done scarfing down food. Rarely do we leave behind expensive items, but when we do, it’s usually gone when we return for them.

Fortunately, this woman bumped into an honest waiter while dining at a restaurant in Ipoh. The waiter chased after her and family even after they had left to return a gold ring that her young son had left behind.

Ring goes missing without owner’s knowledge

Facebook user Kunavathi Paul Raj took to her Facebook page on 30th March 2021 to share the story, which took place at a Sri Ananda Bahwan – a popular chain of Indian restaurants originally from Penang – in Little India, Ipoh. 

According to the post, she had dropped by the restaurant for breakfast with her young son, who had worn a gold ring inscribed with the letter “E” while they were out. She did not realise that her son had taken it off and left it behind while they were dining, and even after they had paid for their meal and left for their car. 

Restuarant staff returns gold ring to owner - ring
Image credit: Kunavathi Paul Raj 

Fortunately, a waiter of the restaurant, whose name she shared is Nahendran, found the ring – presumably while clearing the table they had just vacated. He even made the effort to leave the restaurant’s premises to catch up with them and return what they had unknowingly left behind.

Sri Ananda Bahwan in Ipoh
Image adapted from: Google Maps 

Because it was only when Nahendran asked if they had left anything behind at the restaurant did she realise that the ring had been missing from her son’s finger.

She ended her story by saying that she was thankful for the “wonderful and honest waiter”, and that the restaurant should be proud to have a staff like him. 

Restuarant staff returns gold ring to owner - staff
Image credit: Kunavathi Paul Raj 

Netizens also sing praise for honest restaurant waiter

The story shared by Kunavathi had many netizens coming out to the comments section to sing praises of Nahendran – whom regular customers of the restaurant remember as being a polite and friendly waiter during their visits there too.

Facebook user, Tharini Rini, for one, commented, “He’s a good guy… Always serve[s] us with his warm smile.”

Restuarant staff returns gold ring to owner - comment
Image adapted from: Tharini Rini 

Another netizen, Lathavj Raman Kutty, also commented, “Yup, I know him well… He is [a] really good guy and the way he talks [is] so polite.”

Restuarant staff returns gold ring to owner - comment
Image adapted from: Lathavj Raman Kutty

Others also came out to commend him for his honest deed, including netizen Melny Melody, who said, “I know him too, but it’s nice [that] you shared how loyal he is. Bravo to you, and [I] really salute him”.

Restuarant staff returns gold ring to owner - comment
Image adapted from: Melny Melody

Waiter returns gold ring to owner who didn’t realise it was missing

Absent-minded individuals know the pain of leaving behind items at public spaces, only for them to go missing. So we applaud Nahendran for returning the gold ring to Kunavathi and her son, even going the extra mile of leaving the restaurant and chasing after them to do so. 

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Cover image adapted from: Kunavathi Paul Raj

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