Indomie Pizza at US Pizza gets mixed reviews

Malaysia is a gem for foodies, with good food from different cultures served throughout the country. But showing that even more can be done to flavours we know well and love, many have been inventing new food combos to knock everyone’s expectations out of the park. This was shown recently by this Malaysian’s teh tarik pasta and Santan’s nasi lemak ice cream.

Adding to the list of weird food combos that Malaysia already has, is US Pizza’s latest pizza offering: Indomie Pizza. It’s being touted as a dish for those who can’t get enough pizza and Indomie instant noodles. But Malaysian netizens who love both dishes on their own aren’t too sure about this collaboration. 

A east-meets-west offering at US Pizza 

US Pizza – a pizza joint originally from the US, with 25 locations in Malaysia – announced the new pizza topping on their Facebook page on 15th November 2020. 

They aren’t strangers to unique pizzas with a local spin, with pizzas such as Sambal Petai Udang Pizza (RM38) and Cheesy Cempedak Pizza (RM38) already available on their menu. But their newest pizza, Indomie Pizza (RM28), is an interesting option that turns instant noodles we often whip up for a fuss-free lunch or supper into a pizza topping. 

Indomie Pizza
Image credit: US Pizza

This east-meets-west combo is a collaboration between US Pizza Malaysia and Indomie, an Indonesian instant noodle brand that many Malaysians stock up our pantries with. The pizza that emerged from this sees the contents of a packet of Indomie being topped on pizza dough, together with other ingredients such as eggs, cheese, and chunks of grilled chicken. There are also red chillis to give the pizza an extra pedas touch that Malaysians love.

As the pizza is specially made for pizza and Indomie lovers in Malaysia, every order of this pizza at US Pizza’s physical and online stores will net you 2 free packets of Indomie as well, if you didn’t get enough of it on your pizza. 

US Pizza Indomie Pizza
Indomie Pizza
Image credit: @uspizza_setiatriangle

Netizens have mixed reactions over Indomie Pizza

US Pizza’s Facebook post has garnered over 500 shares at the time of writing, with netizens in a buzz over the latest topping from the pizza joint. Many have been responding well and accepting the new addition with open arms, with netizens tagging their friends saying that it “looks nice” and that they won’t mind trying it out.

US Pizza Indomie Pizza - comments
Netizens show interest for new pizza topping
Image adapted from: US Pizza 

But it’s also attracted its share of puzzled Malaysians. Referencing the roller coaster ride that 2020 has been due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kt Low L commented “2020 is not over yet” in response to the pizza US Pizza was pushing out. 

US Pizza Indomie Pizza - comments
Image adapted from: KT Low L

When US Pizza took to their official Instagram page to ask their followers which pizza they would get rid of from selections of Indomie Pizza, Sambal Petai Udang Pizza, Golden Salted Egg Pizza, and Cheese Boat Pizza, Malaysians didn’t hesitate to say “No” to the new offering.

US Pizza puts a pantry staple on pizza

Many of us have inhaled one too many instant noodle packets from Indomie while staying at home to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This is why recipes of how to turn Indomie into a pizza can already be found online. But if you’re looking to taste a legit offering of this dish from a well-known pizza joint, consider ordering hitting up US Pizza for their Indomie Pizza.  

See all US Pizza locations in Malaysia here.

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