Uncle feeds stray cats in Sungai Besar

Malaysians are no strangers to seeing stray animals wandering on roads and crawling under our tables at mamaks. But it often takes a good-hearted soul to spare some food for them, or to make an effort to feed them, like these IIUM students or this Perak policeman.

Joining this list of Good Samaritans with a soft spot for animals is an elderly uncle who was seen cycling on his bicycle in Sungai Besar, Selangor to feed stray cats in the area. And caught on camera was the sight of the stray cats excitedly chasing after him when they saw him, which will likely be one of the most wholesome things you see today.

Stray cats chase after elderly uncle on bicycle

The heartwarming video was shared on Twitter by netizen @Tok_Tek on 14th June 2020, where it has since racked up over 30,000 retweets and 50,000 likes at the time of writing.

While most of us usually hurry on with our errands – more so now than usual, with the threat of COVID-19 hanging in the air – an unnamed uncle took the time to feed stray cats in front of a 99 Speedmart at Sungai Besar 2.

As the video rolled, several cats were seen sitting by the road waiting patiently for the uncle to cycle by.

Cats wait for kind uncle to feed them
Cats sit around and wait for cycling uncle
Image adapted from: @Tok_Tek

Once they spotted him, over 5 cats can be seen emerging from their resting spots to chase excitedly after him.

Cat man on bicycle
Image adapted from: @Tok_Tek

After he parked his bicycle by the roadside, a total of 8 cats swarmed around him, waiting expectantly for the food that they knew he had brought for them in a plastic bag dangling from his bicycle handlebar.

Uncle feed stray cats
Image adapted from: @Tok_Tek

Elderly uncle was just caring for abandoned cats

The kind deed also seemed to be a regular errand for the unidentified uncle. Netizen @imann_soul replied to the Twitter thread to say that he had seen the elderly uncle at Pasar Basah @ Market Sungai Besar too, which is just a 2-minute walk away from the 99 Speedmart. He also explained why there were so many stray cats in the area – 12 can be seen huddling around the uncle in the photo he posted in his tweet.

He wrote in Malay that: “At the market, there is an area where people often get rid of their cats and so the stray cats are skinny. Thankfully there is an uncle sent by Allah to care for their food and water.”

Cat man feed stray cats
Image adapted from: @imann_soul 

Netizens praise the good-hearted uncle

Netizens’ hearts were warmed over by the sighting of the elderly uncle on his bicycle feeding stray cats. Some pointed out that he must have been doing this kind deed frequently, for the cats to be able to recognise him and even follow after him.

Twitter user @roxxxieyy commented, “Cats love who love them,” to aptly explain the touching sight.

Twitter comment 1
Image adapted from: @roxxxieyy

Netizen @cicit_cucu even called the uncle a hero, quipping in a comment, “Sometimes heroes ride bicycles, and not Ford Mustang or R35.”

Twitter comment
Image adapted from: @cicit_cucu

Elderly uncle who feeds stray cats wins netizens’ hearts

Malaysians have been showing their soft spots for animals during the MCO, with frontliners bracing traffic to rescue stray animals. This elderly uncle is yet another shining example of our love for furry kitties, even as we move to the Recovery MCO phase in our fight against COVID-19.

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Cover image adapted from: @Tok_Tek & @imann_soul

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