Appreciation for Malaysians working during MCO

Malaysian workers during MCO
Malaysian frontliners working during MCO gather up in a wholesome Twitter thread
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@_amnaas, @amiraizaity_, @hazri141 & @BaqirahSam

Malaysia is showing signs of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the lowest number of new COVID-19 cases reported yesterday since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). And it’s all thanks to our frontliners who keep the rest of the country running while the majority of us stay at home to stem the spread of the virus.

Many Malaysians have shown their thanks for the frontliners in different ways – from sewing PPE for them to cooking food for them. Most recently, Adibah Noor, a Malaysian actress known for her role in Sepet, went on Twitter to request for photos from frontliners to make a tribute video. 

Malaysian calls upon frontliners for tribute video

The Twitter post by Noor has now been retweeted over 2,000 times since it was first shared on 10th May 2020. In it, she called upon all “frontliners, essential services workers, delivery services” to send her photos of themselves so she can compile them for a tribute video on her YouTube channel.

The request succeeded in bringing light to a myriad of workers on the frontlines – including our doctors, nurses and policemen. Many medical healthcare workers shared photos of their teams, including Dr. Zawir Abd Rahim, who posted a lighthearted photo of a COVID-19 screening team at Hospital Shah Alam on his Twitter account. 

Medical frontliners
A COVID-19 screening team at Hospital Shah Alam
Image credit: @zawirrahim

Another Twitter user, @amiraizaity_, also shared a cool shot of a Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) team at a hotel, which was presumably used to house returning Malaysians from abroad undergoing mandatory quarantine. 

Quarantine teams
Quarantine team at a hotel housing returning Malaysians
Image credit: @amiraizaity_

Netizens didn’t leave out Malaysian firefighters either – remember there was a group of them in Penang who have previously restored our faith in humanity when they voluntarily sanitised streets to keep the public safe? User @hazri141 posted a series of photos of a team of firefighters from Petaling Jaya suited up in PPE while on duty. 

Malaysian bomba
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Workers from lesser highlighted sectors also flood the Twitter post

Besides our medical frontliners, workers from different sectors flooded the post with replies as well. 

For example, Twitter user @_amnaas showed a COVID-19 screening team at KLIA suited up in PPE while helping carry out safety measures at an Immigration Hall, sharing that they’ll even be working through Ramadan to service those who are on domestic flights. 

KLIA screenings
Screening team keeping the public safe at KLIA
Image credit: @_amnaas

Another Twitter user @BaqirahSam gave a shout-out to grocery store cashiers at a Giant branch near Batu Caves, who can be seen wearing masks and gloves while waiting to greet customers. 

Grocery store workers
Image credit: @BaqirahSam

Twitter users @hajiraw and @amsyarzarrinn also added their jobs as bankers and electricians respectively to the list of frontline workers in the Twitter thread, with the latter saying that he had to fix the Wi-Fi for students who are still having online classes during MCO. 

Bankers and electricians
Image adapted from: @hajiraw & @amsyarzarrinn

Show of appreciation for Malaysian frontliners during MCO

While our frontliners’ work is admirable even before MCO, it is now even more so as COVID-19 is still a threat to our streets and the public. So let’s go big and flood them with our appreciation during this difficult time.

We’re also happy to see Twitter threads such as Noor’s that’s giving a much-needed shout-out to all those who have to work and face customers during the MCO. 

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