Traffic cop clears clogged drain

In Malaysia, we often rely on sanitation workers for the cleaning and maintenance of public facilities such as roads, parks, and bus stations so we can continue to use them without a problem.

Because of our busy schedules, we often do not take part in these activities and leave them up to the local councils to look after. But this traffic cop went the extra mile on his job after spotting a clogged drain in Sabah, which had caused stagnant water to pool on the road.

He went out of his way to clear the debris causing the blockage, while on duty and in his uniform.

Traffic cop goes viral for clearing clogged drain in Sabah

Traffic cop clears drain
Video credit: Taman Sri Gombak

On 11th January 2022, the Facebook page POLIS Daerah Penampang shared a video of a traffic cop clearing a clogged drain in the Meruntum Village in Putatan, Sabah.

The officer – who was identified as Corporal Shah Erman from the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division (BSPT) of the District Headquarters – can be seen clearing the clogged drain with his bare hands. His deed helped stagnant water that had been affecting traffic, to flow from the road and into the drain.

He did all this while wearing his bright white traffic cop uniform.

Traffic cop clears drain
Video credit: Taman Sri Gombak

In the 2 minutes 40 seconds video, Shah Erman can be seen standing in a large drain, trying to remove debris that was blocking the flow of rainwater into the drain. He used his bare hands, as well as a stick, to loosen debris from the drain pipe.

His commendable efforts led the puddle of water to flush into the drain.

Earns netizens’ praise and a special award

Since its posting, the video has gone viral online with netizens praising Shah Erman for his good deed. The video was also reshared by many who left positive comments complimenting his social service.

Facebook comment
Image credit: Taman Sri Gombak

Netizen Danny Robson was among the many who congratulated Shah Erman for his work, and said that he’s amazing.

Facebook comment
Image credit: Taman Sri Gombak

Meanwhile, Zakie Adruzin commented that he was happy to finally see the water flowing into the drain, indicating that the cop’s efforts weren’t wasted.

Facebook comment praising traffic cop
Image credit: Taman Sri Gombak

Salehuddin Othman, on the other hand, said that Shah Erman is an example of a cop who should be given medals. “This is what we call beyond the call of duty. He deserves a medal!” he wrote.

Cop receives medal for good deed

As netizens suggested, the Penampang District Police Department has indeed recognised Shah Erman’s good deed. They awarded him with a certificate of appreciation two days after the incident.

Traffic cop gets an award
Image credit: POLIS Daerah Penampang

The local police department shared the exciting news on their Facebook page on 13th January, along with photos of other officers being given recognition for their quality of service.

Traffic cop clearing drain in Sabah

It’s indeed inspiring to see this cop going out of his way to clear a clogged drain affecting traffic conditions on the road while performing his duties. His sense of responsibility and duty to his community, by acting beyond his duties as a traffic cop, is truly exemplary.

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Cover image adapted from: Taman Sri Gombak and Taman Sri Gombak

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