Image adapted from: Shopee and Shopee

Touch ‘N Go toll sticks help Malaysians have an easier time passing tolls

Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, you must’ve encountered at least one situation where your arm isn’t long enough to tap your Touch ‘N Go card onto the toll reader. Or maybe you’re a new driver who’s not confident enough to get too close to the booth. Either way, this cool hack tool – toll sticks – works like a selfie stick but instead of your phone, you can slot in your Touch ‘N Go card for easier times at cashless toll plazas.


Image credits: @aizadaslam

On 13 July, Aizad shared on Twitter how his dad got the whole family a Touch ‘N Go “card slapper”. Although he referred to it as “the most Dad thing”, the family welcomes the ingenious idea of using the toll stick — as seen in the photo posted where Touch ‘N Go cards are slotted in, ready for use. 

Fellow Twitter users replied by expressing their interest in getting one for themselves, probably having realised the tool’s potential for making lives easier

Image credits: @severinahart

Wait, where can I buy this slapper?
Image credits: @alyanwz

One user even commented saying the slapper is even better than a SmartTAG – a bulky infrared device that costs over RM100. 

Image credits: Lazada

Considering how you can get the Touch ‘N Go toll stick for as cheap as RM1.20 online (excluding delivery charges), we might even agree! 

A handy tool perfect for daily toll road users

If passing toll booths is one of your daily struggles, you can get your own toll stick or “card slapper” from various online stores like Shopee and Lazada. If you’re a kind enough friend or family member, you can even get some for your friends and family, just like Aizad’s dad!

These card slappers would, no doubt, solve the problems of short hands and vehicle-toll distance when passing toll plazas. Now, if only there was something that we could use for parking tickets when we have trouble reaching the validation machine.

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