Toilet roll cakes from Le Pont Boulangerie

Toilet roll cakes in Malaysia
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@qilicious_daily & Le Pont Boulangerie

It wasn’t too long ago that we were making memes about the lack of toilet rolls at grocery stores after the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced. With bidets an option for many and Malaysians showing they can be orderly at supermarkets, it’s become less of an issue with each passing day. 

But for those still rolling with the toilet paper fad that swept across nations, you’ll be glad and humoured to know that Le Pont Boulangerie in Kuala Lumpur is now selling “3-ply Toilet Roll” cakes that look like the real deal. 

Toilet roll cakes that look like the real deal

Toilet roll cakes 2
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It seemed highly unlikely that we’d live to see the day when the words “toilet” and “cake” would follow each other without involving some sort of prank. That is, until bakers began whipping up these realistic toilet roll cakes to reflect the surge in demand for toilet rolls worldwide.

Now you can get your hands on one in Malaysia. Le Pont Boulangerie, a French-inspired bakery and cafe in KL, has “3 Ply Chocolate Royal” cakes for RM25/each. You can also get a “Twin Pack”, or 2 cakes, for RM45.

Cake display
Toilet roll cake display at Le Pont Boulangerie that’s looking more like shelves at a grocer.
Image adapted from: Le Pont Boulangerie

Cakes for birthday babies during MCO

They are currently accepting orders for these realistic and edible “toilet roll” cakes through Whatsapp, with same-day delivery available. For birthday babies celebrating during MCO, this means that you can get a little creative this year with your cake. 

Cake or toilet roll
Cake or toilet roll?
Image adapted from: Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe

Not all fun and games, it’s a fluffy chocolate cake covered with white cream that has familiar patterns you would see on a toilet roll. And with a chocolate “cardboard” filling at its centre, you’ll get to satiate your sweet tooth while having a round of chuckles when you cut through one of these cakes.

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Toilet roll cakes from Le Pont Boulangerie

Those who have something to celebrate during MCO can still find something to laugh about and have a feast with one of these toilet roll cakes. Even if it’s not your birthday, treat yourself to one and keep those spirits up while we wait for MCO to end.

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