Tiger Sugar opens in Mid Valley & MyTown & they have giveaways

Tiger Sugar
Image adapted from: @tigersugarmsia

We can’t get enough of bubble tea in here in Malaysia, and fans of sinful Taiwanese brown sugar syrup will be glad to know that Tiger Sugar‘s opening 2 new outlets this month. For the occassion, they’ll be giving avid fans a chance to win freebies like metal straws and brand merch.

The Mid Valley outlet is officially opening on Saturday (3 Aug), while the MyTown outlet opens its doors next Thursday (8 Aug). Here’s what to look forward to while you’re queueing in line.

Hands holding up Tiger Sugar drinks
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To celebrate their 2 new stores, Tiger Sugar has prepared a bunch of surprises for their customers. If you’re already a fan of their drinks, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the giveaway while you’re getting your boba fix.

Tiger Sugar Mid Valley opening giveaway

It’s always good to start your days early, even if it’s the weekend. Even if you’re not much of a morning person, we’re sure you’d want to set an alarm for this Saturday. Tiger Sugar will be giving out a limited edition metal straw set to the first 100 customers of the day.

Tiger Sugar Metal Straw
Image credit: @tigersugarmsia

If you haven’t yet bought reusable boba straws, this is a good chance to snag one for free! The sleek and chic design of Tiger Sugar’s metal straw would be a great addition to your collection.

Those who worry about not being the first 100 customers to the store will still stand a chance to win official t-shirts, metal straws and even their signature drinks as long as you purchase 2 Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse.

A drink from Tiger Sugar
Image credit: @tigersugarmsia

Adoring fans of Tiger Sugar would go wild over their special edition t-shirts that actually look pretty cool.

Tiger Sugar shirt front and back
Image adapted from: @tigersugarmsia

The black shirt comes with a simple logo at the front and side of the sleeve while the back carries a more elaborate design. The black and gold colour palette would work well on everyone so you can show your love for your favourite bubble tea brand with style.

Tiger Sugar Mid Valley Megamall

Date: 03/08/19
Time: 12PM
Address: LG-054, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tiger Sugar MyTown opening giveaway

Tiger Sugar has chosen MyTown to house their 8th outlet and it will open on Thursday (8 Aug). Just like how it is for Mid Valley, the first 100 customers to visit Tiger Sugar MyTown will receive a free metal straw set.

Tiger Sugar Metal Straw 2
Image credit: @tigersugarmsia

You just need to buy one drink from their signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk series to be able to get your hands on the limited edition metal straw.

The brand hasn’t confirmed if they’re going to be offering the t-shirts during the MyTown opening but they did mention that more activities will be announced.

Tiger Sugar MyTown

Date: 08/08/19
Address: B1-081, 082, MyTown, Jalan Cochrane Cheras, Seksyen 90, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tiger Sugar a top favourite

Tiger Sugar has been steadily climbing up the ranks to become one of Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea brands. It’s hard to not be a fan when their drinks are all specially-crafted. Take their signature syrup, which is made up from 4 different types of Taiwanese brown sugar syrup.

Malaysians all over Klang Valley must be thrilled to hear that they’ll be able to find Tiger Sugar at 2 more outlets in Mid Valley and MyTown. Be sure to take part in their giveaway so that you can satisfy your boba cravings while bringing home some awesome merchandise.

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